Monday, May 20, 2013

The Widow Ch.4

Donald and I had sex two more times, the first times for me since my husband had passed two years before. I loved it. It was great, I felt so alive again, and now I knew I was fully recovered from my grief. I would never forget, but I was now ready to return to a full life. I also knew I didn't want to stay with Donald permanently. As nice as he was, as good as he had been to me, and as much as I had liked having sex with him, he wasn't the person I wanted to settle down with. Perhaps no-one was. That was something I was still unsure about. I also started to realize I wasn't a prude. I had always thought of myself as a little bit of a prude, except when I was in the bedroom with my husband. There I did lots of things, and enjoyed it immensely. But I never really thought seriously of sex with anyone else. I thought all of that was just between the two of us. Now I was thinking that all of those things I enjoyed wasn't just because of my husband. I seemed to really enjoy - even need - sex. And it didn't need to be inside the boundaries of marriage. It felt very freeing. One day about this time I was at work early, as usual. I was in my boss's office discussing work and other subjects. It was a relaxing time, and it seemed a good time to share the good news of my sexual liberation with him. He had been a caring and helpful confidante. "Thomas, I want to thank you for your support and friendship over the last two years," I told him. "I have finally come out of that dark place I was in, completely. And you are one of the main ones who helped." "Suzanne, that's wonderful. You've come along well. I know you've seemed to be happier lately, especially the last couple weeks." "Yes, the last couple of weeks was the last step." I felt like I was starting to blush. I knew I looked guilty of something. "You've met a man?" Thomas asked excitedly. "No," I answered. "I mean, no, not a special man." I suddenly felt nervous and unsure of what to say. "There is a man, but..." I hesitated. Thomas knew. "Suzie-Q!" he said. "You had sex?" He knew he was right from my reaction. "For the first time since Rodney?" he said more quietly. "Yes. And it was nice," I smiled. "Very nice." I laughed at that, and he joined in. "But It's not a permanent thing." I looked at him, afraid of what he thought about it. "Do you think badly of me?" His opinion meant a lot to me. "Of course not!" he said. "I think it's about time. I'm glad. There's certainly nothing wrong with two single people enjoying themselves like that." He paused for a moment, and added, "He is single isn't he?" "Yes of course!" I said indignantly. Thomas leaned back in his chair. "Well, then, what could be wrong?" "Nothing," I answered. "I've just never done anything like that." "Of course not," he said. "You were married. You're not the type to cheat on your husband. Especially Rodney, But you're not married any longer." "I know," I said. "I think I finally have come to grips with that." I rose from my chair and walked over towards Thomas. He rose as well. I stepped into him, put my arms around him, and hugged him. "Thanks, Thomas. Thank you so much for your support. Personally as well as at work." "I was glad to help," He answered. He returned my hug, probably not as tightly as I hugged him. I kept hugging, the embrace lasting longer than it should have. But I owed Thomas so much, my emotions were so strong. He had been there for me personally, as Donald had been. Thomas also had covered for me at work, lightening my workload and allowing me to come in late when needed. I appreciated having such an understanding boss. I loosened my grip on him and he loosened his. As we parted, I rose up and kissed him. I aimed for his cheek, but somehow got mostly lips, and it also lasted longer than it should have. I was embarrassed enough that I couldn't look him straight in the eyes, but only momentarily. I was not sorry. He had truly been a savior to me, and I was immensely grateful. "Thanks, Thomas. You are a wonderful person," I told him. He smiled and I headed out of the room. At lunchtime, Thomas came over and sat down beside me. He placed his hand softly on top of mine. "Are you busy after work?" he asked. "No, nothing special going on tonight, why? "I thought if you had time you could come to my office after everyone leaves," he answered. It sounded a little mysterious, but I didn't think too much of it. After everyone leaves was pretty much 5 o'clock sharp. We were pretty strict about not working late. In fact most people were gone by 5 nearly every day. We got our work done, but Thomas didn't see any reason for people sticking around just to put in time. I told you he was a good boss. So I stayed a little late. There was one project I could work on to get a little ahead, and before I realized it, it was nearly 5:30. Everyone was indeed gone, and I thought maybe Thomas was as well. I walked over to his office and knocked on the door.. "Come in." I heard him say, so I did. "Hi. I got a little involved. Am I too late?" I asked. "Not at all," he answered, as he rose from his chair. He walked over toward the sofa. "Let's sit down here," he said. We sat on the sofa, not an unusual thing to do. But it soon got unusual. "Suzanne, I was so happy to hear that you are back to feeling normal, after all this time. I know it's been tough, but you are a strong woman. Now you're probably a stronger one." I nodded, agreeing with what he said. His arm was on the back of the couch, behind me. "Now that you're feeling better, I want to tell you something," he continued. "You are an extremely attractive woman, physically of course, but also your mind, your personality, your beliefs. Everything I know about you attracts me to you." My mind was racing to catch up. I hadn't really thought of him sexually or romantically. He kept going. "I had feelings for you even when you were married, but of course I didn't let them go anywhere. Now that you are getting 'back to normal', is there a chance that we could have something?" I hadn't caught up yet. I was trying to process what I should say, how I feel. Here was this lovely man making a pass at me, but I hadn't even thought of him that way. Plus he was my boss. Would that be a good thing or a bad thing? I looked at him. "Thomas, you are a really great guy," I began, but I didn't know what I wanted to say next. I paused, trying to sort things out. Thomas took my hesitation the wrong way, thinking I was done. It sounded like I had answered him affirmatively. He leaned in closer to me, pressing his lips to mine. I was shocked, confused, and also realized that his kiss felt good. I returned his kiss. We broke off after a bit, and then he took my head in his hands and kissed me again, harder. My lips parted as his tongue pushed its way into my mouth. I was enjoying this. He was a great kisser, plus I had grown so very fond of him. Maybe more than fond. I felt my tongue find its way into Thomas's mouth without my realizing I was doing it. I was turned on, and enjoying it a lot. My hand went to Thomas's shirt, feeling his firm, hard, chest. Thomas was a well-built man. There was a gym in our building which Thomas used every day. A former college athlete, physical fitness was still a priority of his, and it showed. Suddenly I felt his hand against my skin, inside my blouse. He reached into the top of my bra cup and reached his fingers around my nipple before I could figure out how he did it. Electric shocks shot through my body as he pinched my ultra sensitive nipples. I let out a moan which encouraged him. He moaned and said, "Oh, Suzanne, Suzie-Q," as his lips kept kissing my lips, as well as my neck. As he shifted on the couch I felt his other hand sliding along my leg under my flowing skirt. I stopped kissing and was just about to push him away and end this when I felt his hand reach my crotch, pushing right onto my slit. I gasped in surprise and delight, and froze. Thomas's fingers pushed at my slit. Between playing with my nipples and my pussy, I was very hot. I loved what this man was doing to me. When his finger slipped under my panties, I felt how wet I was, as did he. He pulled at my panties, pulling them down as I rose up off the cushion, and all I was thinking was that I didn't want his fingers leaving my pussy. "Oh, yes, that's it," I murmured as his fingers returned and stroked my labia. I knew where this was going and I wanted it. He was a tall, powerful man, the subject of many ladies' conversations, and probably their fantasies. A few years older than me, he was still a wonderful male specimen. No-one knew why he never married. He had many girlfriends, but as far as I knew never a steady one. And the women didn't seem to mind. At the moment I could testify that he had a lot of practice with them, and had learned well. My hand accidently, yes I promise, accidently, fell to his lap and onto his erection. It was very hard and made quite a tent in his pants, but I could not do anything except squeeze on it. He moaned, and pushed a finger into my pussy. I moaned in return, and rocked my hips welcoming the intruder. He soon stood up, lifting me up along with him in his strong arms. He spun me around and took a few steps toward his desk. He bent me over towards the desk, and I placed my hands on the edge of it to hold myself up. Thomas got behind me, and as he lifted my skirt up onto my back I finally realized what he was doing. I didn't object. In fact I wanted it. I moved my legs apart, showing him my bare ass and pussy. He stood behind me for a moment, making me wonder what he was doing. "I have a condom," he said. "Is this all right?" I thought he was a wonderful man for thinking of the condom on his own, and for asking me if I was okay with having sex. I also thought he was a terrible man for making me wait. "Yes," I said, trying not to sound too eager. "I want to." I felt his penis against me. It was hot and hard, and covered in latex. He moved it down towards my pussy and found my slit. He moved it between my legs, back and forth along my wet lips. As he was getting it wet for penetration, he was getting me so excited I nearly screamed. As he went to place his dick inside me, he rubbed it against my clit. It sent a shock through my system, and I exploded into an orgasm. I let out a high-pitched squeal as I shook. Thomas paused momentarily, but then found my vagina with the tip of his dick and pushed it in before I was finished cumming. After each contraction it went in further, until I was finally done and he sunk it in to its depth. Oh, it was in further than the others, further than my dildo. Not by much, but I felt my walls pushed apart where they had not been before. It was not wider, I assumed, as my wall did not seem to be stretched more than before until the last inch or so. These thoughts, however, were fleeting, as he was pounding my pussy with hard thrusts that began to build me toward another climax already. As I thought, my second climax hit hard and fast. I moved my hips back, and probably up and sideways, as my pussy muscles squeezed tight on his dick. He kept pumping through my contractions, and by the time I was finished he was just about reaching his climax. He shoved his dick in deep and held it there as it throbbed and spurt its juices inside me. I felt him throb and shoot deep inside me. After the first two or three spurts he pulled back and pushed in again a few more times until he was laid spent. When he relaxed he pulled out and pulled my skirt down, covering my nakedness. A thoughtful gesture. I walked over to the couch and picked up my panties, putting them on and tried to stem the juices flowing out of my pussy. I was unsure of myself. Should I feel embarrassed? Thomas spoke as he had thrown away the condom and was tucking himself back in. "Suzie, thank you. That was wonderful. I had built up a lot of frustration towards you. You are a very special lady." He stepped over to me and took me in his arms. I felt safe and secure there, and I thought there was no reason to feel bad about what had happened. I still felt a little awkward, especially with what felt like a wet sponge between my legs. I needed to go to the restroom. "I needed it as well, Thomas," I said. I gave him a small kiss. "Thank you. Now I need to use the ladies' room." Thomas was waiting in the hall when I came out of the restroom, and he walked me to my car. Nothing else was said directly about the event, and we kissed again as I got in my car and left. I felt great. The next day Thomas brought the subject up. "Are you okay about yesterday?" "Don't I seem okay?" I asked, teasingly. "You certainly do," he answered. "But I mean really, completely. I would hate for anything to ruin our relationship." He looked nervous, deeply concerned. I answered, "Thomas, I am fine. Nothing could harm our relationship. Besides, I enjoyed it." And then I smiled and added, "A lot." It seemed he wanted to say something else, but hesitated. "Something else?" I asked. "Yes, there is, actually. But I don't want you to take this the wrong way. You know the business trip next week to Virginia?" I said, "Yes, you and Ben are going." "No," he said. "We were, but he has a family thing and asked if he could stay here. I wondered if you would be willing to go." Since when did he ask? He would normally just tell you if you were expected to go somewhere. "Thomas," I said, with a little dread. "You said our relationship wasn't going to change, and then..." I didn't get to finish as he interrupted me. "No Suzanne, don't get the wrong idea. That's not why I am asking you. We have separate rooms, and nothing but business needs to happen." I still looked unsure, as he added, "I would have asked you first anyway if I had known you were so well recovered. I nearly did, but then I thought Ben hadn't had a trip for a good while. Honestly, if yesterday hadn't happened, I would be asking you anyway." "No catches?" I asked. "No catches. No pressure," he answered. "Thank you, Thomas. That's fine." ***** I wasn't certain of my feelings for Thomas. It seemed that I liked him a lot. Unlike Donald, who was great as a person and a friend, I seemed to be attracted to Thomas as a lover as well. He was such a genuinely nice man, a gentle man, though he could be quite forceful when he wanted to be. In some ways he was much like my late husband. Was that it? I hoped not. I thought that perhaps I was attracted to certain qualities both men had, not just wanting a replacement for him. I was still a little confused, but aren't all relationships like that? I decided to not worry about it and simply enjoy it. For the next week, as we planned for the trip, nothing was said about sex, either here or there. In my private thoughts, however, I was hoping for it. Two nights away from home, in a room right next door to a tall, athletic, attractive man who seems to be attracted to me. I thought I had an idea of what was going to happen. We were greeted at the airport by a good-looking gentleman from our client's firm. There were no meetings that first day, but he showed us the layout and took us to a nice dinner. Afterwards he offered a few drinks and entertainment, but it was getting late enough that I declined. Thomas and I went back to our rooms. He said good night. I said, "Well, I have a bottle of wine in my room. If I brought it over, do you think you could find a couple of nice plastic glasses to drink from?" I asked with a smile, teasingly I hoped. "I think I could come up with something," he said. I looked up at him sweetly. "Give me a few minutes and I will be over." When ready I knocked on our adjoining door, and he opened it immediately. He had taken off his coat and tie, still in his dress shirt and slacks. I, however, seemed to make an impression in my cute little not-quite-see-through short nightgown. "Wow, you are a beautiful woman," he said. "Thank you very much, sir," I said smiling. I gave him the wine, which he opened and poured. We sat on the bed and had a sip, but didn't get to much more than that. Setting down the glasses, we embraced each other and kissed in a heated fury. My passion had been building for days. Thomas had been hoping for this, but wasn't sure of it until a short time ago. We kissed passionately, his hands roaming my body and fondling my breasts under my gown. It soon was slipped over my head and Thomas took a nipple into his mouth. He sucked it, his tongue licking the hardened bud, his teeth biting down on it, making me squeal in pain and delight. I placed my hands on the back of his head, pulling it into my chest and making sure he did not stop as wave after wave of pleasure shot through my body from my sensitive nipples. His hand slid down my stomach, finding the elastic of my panties and slipping under it. He went directly to my pussy, sliding his finger into its folds, stroking my labia. The squishing sounds told us both that I was thoroughly wet, and his continued stimulation of my nipples kept increasing my arousal. "Oh, Thomas, Thomas, that's so good. Oh, God," I cried, and soon I heard high-pitched squeaks. They were coming from me, a common sound that happened when I was cumming. My legs clamped tightly as my orgasm hit, trapping his hand in my crotch. He held on as convulsions wracked my body, bringing the release that I had anticipated for these many days. I hugged him tightly as I finished, and we both lay down on the bed. "You seem to cum easily," he observed. "Yes, I do," I admitted. "Especially when I'm turned on so well." "Uhhh," he moaned as he dove again for my breast. They sat proudly on my chest as I lay there, keeping their shape by their firmness. "Your titties are fantastic," he breathed. "So firm, such puffy nipples. God, I love your nipples. I haven't seen any like them before. Such a turn-on." "So sensitive," I moaned as tingles started through my body again. I had been trying to unbutton his shirt with limited success. Now I tried harder, and with his help I succeeded. He then unfastened his pants and together we pulled them off. His erection made it more difficult to get his boxers off, but soon he was naked. I got my first look at his dick, and my mouth watered. As I expected, it was longer than Donald's, with about the same width. He was also circumcised, with a large head sitting on the top. It was a very dark color, and there were more veins bulging out on the shaft than I had seen before. I had little time to examine it, however, as Thomas placed a condom over it. He was anxious. I was as well, and I allowed him to pull my little sheer panties off me and his fingers pushed into my hole. Again he played with my breasts as he fingered me, but soon he grabbed his erection and pushed into my pussy, pinning me to the mattress. Sopping wet, I was penetrated fully on the first thrust. All the air was pushed out of my lungs as he rammed into me. We both groaned at the sensation. He held it deep inside me while we both breathed in again. He looked down at me and asked if I was okay. "Yes," I said desperately. "Fuck me." He moaned again, hearing me say that raising his temperature. He nearly pulled out, then rammed back in, holding it deep inside me again. He repeated this several times, then started pumping in steadily, without pausing. His constant playing with my nipples all this time helped drive me to my limits, and I had started cumming again. Thomas moaned as my pussy clamped down on his dick. He placed his arms under my legs, raising them high and then pushing them up so that my ankles were next to my ears. I was doubled over as Thomas drove himself into me again. From this angle his dick rammed even further inside my pussy. He was plunging in hard, going wild, and this in turn was driving me wild. I had no leverage in this position to push into him, but he was doing well all on his own. I squeezed my vaginal muscles tight as he was pulling back, exerting as much pressure as I could on him, but letting him into me unimpeded. He began moaning, then moaning loudly, then shooting his sperm inside of me, collected of course into the condom. He held it inside, letting my legs drop down to the bed, finally pulling out of me. I was still horny, I needed to cum again. When Thomas realized this he cupped my pussy in his hand. Sliding two fingers into my hole, he moved down my body and clamped down on my clit with his mouth. He held my clit with his teeth and rubbed his tongue over its end. "OH, GOD!" I yelled. "That's so GOOD!" I felt cum boil up and explode inside me. It was my strongest explosion of the night, and impressed Thomas with its strength. "Damn, girl, you really cum!" he said. It took a few moments before I could talk. I curled up beside him, hugging his strong arm, basking in the glow. "Mmmmmm, that was so good," I finally said. "Yeah, for me too," Thomas said. How many times did you cum?" "Mmmm, three, I think. You were fantastic." "Geez," he said, with admiration. I woke up and the sun was up. I was disoriented. Thomas and I were in his bed. I was naked, and as I pulled the sheet down I saw that he was as well. "I hope he threw away his condom," I thought to myself. I looked again at his limp penis. It seemed clean, so he must have gotten cleaned up. I felt pretty clean, too. Maybe he cleaned me up a little bit. I must have really passed out. I looked again at his limp penis. My curiosity was up. I still had not gotten a good look at it. It was obviously different than what I was used to. It didn't look that much bigger than Rodney's had been, when they were both soft. I carefully shifted my body down closer to his crotch, not wanting to wake him. I lifted his penis into my palm. It looked powerful even soft. The head was not as dark as it had been, but it was still large and exposed. I put my fingers around it and pulled down on the skin, lightly. I felt the ridge on the underside. His dick started to move as it began to stiffen. I ran my finger around the head, fascinated with that particular place. It was the most different from what I was used to. It felt spongy and soft. The hole at the tip was large, seeming to be larger than the others I had looked at. I moved the stiffening shaft from side to side, just looking as it kept getting larger, both longer and thicker. It also began to stick straight up into the air. I loved to watch a dick grow from soft to hard. And this one grew a lot! I started to pump up and down on his dick, feeling the veins sticking further out. A little fluid formed in the hole on top. Thomas started moaning. He was awake, and enjoying this wake up service. I spread his pre cum around the head and onto the pole. It was fully hard now. At least I thought it was. It must be. It was a much bigger size than the one I was used to playing with. I placed both hands around the shaft and pulled them down, bringing the soft skin with them. I started twisting my hands in opposite directions as I pumped, eliciting a moan from Thomas. His hips were pumping as well as he watched my hands work his dick. I leaned over and sucked it into my mouth, wetting it for easier pumping, and when I licked the head he moaned again. Our eyes met as I pumped his dick and I smiled up at him. He could not smile back, however. I reached down with one hand to hold his balls. I felt them inside their sack, moving them with my fingers. I squeezed, watching his eyes closely to see when the pain started to become too much. I knew the more turned on he was the more pain he could stand. Perhaps the more pain he enjoyed. As I abused his balls his dick throbbed more. I leaned in and took the head in my mouth again, this time biting on it just behind the head. He moaned again at the new torture, and his dick throbbed again. With my other hand I felt the pole swell some more, and Thomas was breathing heavily. His hips were pumping and he was moaning. I kept pumping his dick and squeezing his balls hard, but didn't bite him anymore. "Come on, Baby, give it to me," I urged. "Cum for Suzie." My mouth tightened around his head just before his cum exploded out. I quit handling his balls and began swallowing his cum quickly, as it was shooting out fast and in large amounts. Thomas moaned loudly, trying not to thrash around too much. When he finished cumming I tried to remove my mouth from his dick without spilling much cum, but some dribbled down into his pubes both before and after. "Holy shit," He said. "What a way to wake up." He lay there, looking drained. Well, I guess he was. I went into the bathroom and got a wet cloth, coming back in before he moved. I sat on the bed beside him and placed the wet cloth on his penis. I wiped it off, and rubbed through his pubes to clean up the spilled cum. I lifted his limp dick in one hand, holding it softly, examining it as I wiped it some more. "I think it's clean," Thomas said, smiling. "A few minutes ago." "I know, but I'm having fun," I replied. Thomas looked at me, reaching out to touch. "But I think it's your turn for a while." I smiled, but happened to glance at the clock. "Oh, damn, look at the time. We have to get going or we'll be late." Thomas bounced off the bed. "I could explain to them why we're late," he joked. "I'm sure they would understand."

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Widow Ch.3

My third date with Donald had been quite exciting,
as we both had performed oral sex on the other.
That was the first sex I had with another person
since my husband had passed away more than
two years before, but I was ready for more.
Donald knew I was ready for more. Well, I had told
him. Before we had oral sex I had surprised
myself by telling him that I wanted him inside
me, but without a condom I wouldn't do it. I was
afraid of disease. Pregnancy didn't bother me. I
had learned long ago that I was unable to have
children. But disease is always a possibility.
So it was that on our next date, I knew Donald
would come prepared. We had a very nice
evening, flirting a lot as people can when they
have been so intimate and have been friends for
years. We arrived back at my house feeling pretty
relaxed even though we both knew we would
soon be having sex. I was more anxious
than nervous, as it had been such a long time for
I fixed us drinks while he turned on some music,
and we took seats on the couch. I snuggled into
his arms and soon we were kissing passionately.
His hands lovingly caressed my head, hair, ears,
chin, and neck. It felt lovely and sensuous, but I
was ready for more. Finally his hand roamed
down to cover my breast, and I let out a soft gasp
in appreciation. From then on our excitement
rose, We hugged harder, our tongues plunged
deeper into each other's mouths, and Donald
quickly started removing my clothes.
He opened my blouse enough to expose my bra,
which he pushed out of the way. He leaned over
and took my nipple into his mouth, sucking it
deep while running his tongue around it. He kept
licking it while his finger tip explored the nipple
and the aureole.
"Damn, Sue, you have the puffiest nipples!"
Donald gasped.
He actually meant my aureoles, which were
indeed very puffy. I used to be embarrassed by
how far they stuck out, but since my husband
seemed to like them I accepted them as a good
thing. I wasn't sure how Donald felt.
"Don't you like them?" I asked.
"Hell, yes!" he answered enthusiastically. "They
are so damn sexy. I love them!" He kept
examining them with his fingers and his mouth,
playing with them as if he had found a new toy.
As puffy as my aureoles were, my nipples were
about average. But they were extremely sensitive.
I could get wet almost instantly just by having
them touched, and I had cum more than once
just from having them played with. I was being
driven wild right now by his explorations. As soon
as his attentions waned a little, I suggested we go
to my bedroom. He didn't object.
I led the way, holding his hand. His pants bulged
out, and I thought how badly I wanted to release
his pressure. When we got into the room I threw
the bedspread off and turned into his embrace.
He held me tight and kissed me, but my hands
went for his pants. I unfastened them and let
them drop, and took his erection into my hands. I
stroked it slowly, squeezing it tight. He in turn
unfastened my skirt and peeled my blouse off. I
had to release his hard pole with one hand as my
clothes came off.
Soon I had only my panties on. Donald leaned over
as he pulled them down my legs. He kissed my
stomach, just above my bush, and slowly kissed
upwards, exciting my skin even more until he
reached my breasts. He returned to worshiping
my breasts and, in particular, my puffy aureoles.
My nipples tingled again and I felt it straight
down into my pussy. He hugged me tight and
kissed me deep, practically lifting me off the floor
as we moved onto the bed. As I scooted toward
the center, he ripped off the remainder of his
clothes in record time and climbed on. He
climbed on the bed as well as me.
"Damn," he said, reaching back for his pants. He
quickly pulled out a condom, unwrapped it, and
put it on his pole. I would have liked to do that,
but speed was important at the moment.
I felt his hard penis push against my mound as he
mounted me again. It sent shivers through me,
feeling as if it was pushing fluids out of my pussy
I was so wet. He again attacked my breasts with
his hands and mouth. My nipples were also
sending shocks through my body, and I was way
past ready to be taken. I reached a hand between
us and took hold of his dick. I pulled it down,
Donald lifting himself up to give me a little room. I
got the head of his dick between my legs. It felt
wonderful pushing into my pussy lips. It was
sopping wet and I was close to frantic. I wanted
his dick in me, but had no chance at this angle.
"Please, now," I pleaded. "Take me now."
He moaned something and shifted his body
again. My hand still grasped his erection firmly,
and I guided it to my hole. I felt it hit home and
pushed my hips toward it, causing it to enter me
just an inch or two. I think we both gasped as we
felt the insertion, then began groaning as he
pushed it slowly into my pussy.
I wanted him to go slow, as it was my first time in
over two years, but it felt good. He pushed most
of his dick in before he pulled back a little, then
pushed in again further. As my lips parted to
accept him I had a fleeting thought of my dildo,
and how it had kept me loose. I didn't think of
that for long, however, as Donald started pushing
in harder, faster, now all the way in to the hilt.
Further than a penis had ever been, since he was
bigger than my husband had been. But not
bigger than my dildo.
I had been so excited and over-ready for this that
I came quickly. I shuddered all over, my pussy
contracting made him slow his thrusts. A smile
came over his face as he thought of what a good
lover he was, making me cum so quickly. The
truth is I usually orgasmed quickly. I also often
had multiple orgasms, and I thought to myself
how I wouldn't tell Donald either of those things.
It's good to let a man feel powerful.
But he was powerful. His dick plunged hard into
me as my first orgasm ended. I drove my hips
upward to help his thrusts. My feet dug into the
bed as my knees were bent, helping me to drive
into him. I could feel what must be the rim of his
head pushing against my sensitive lining.
Neither my dildo nor my husband gave me that
Donald was staring at my breasts as he thrust into
me. I wasn't sure if he was still looking at my
puffy aureoles or if he was watching my firm
breasts wiggle like Jell-o on my chest. It didn't
matter, he was pleased. But as I watched his face
it changed from pleasant concentration to a more
painful looking one. I also felt him thrusting
harder and his penis swelling. I knew he was
almost there.
I reached down between us to rub my clit. I was
close to another orgasm, but I wanted to cum
when he did. I wrapped my legs around him,
crossing my feet and pulling him into me as deep
as he could go. It was only a few more thrusts
until he groaned loudly and emptied his load.
"Oh, Sue, oh, God," he said as his spurts
continued. My clit sent shock waves through my
pussy and the rest of my body as I came
again. My pussy spasms probably caused him a
few extra spurts, and our bodies began relaxing,
tensing up a few more times in our last throes of
When we were done he tried to pull out, but my
legs were still locked around him. I loved the feel
of him inside me and didn't want it to end. Soon,
however, I felt his erection shrinking and knew he
had to pull out before the condom slipped off, so I
let him go. He rolled off me, removed his condom,
and held me as I rolled over to snuggle up against
As I predicted, he was happy with himself, both
for cumming and for making me cum twice. "Oooooh
Suzie-Q, that was great," he said. "You seemed to
like it, too, didn't you? Twice, I believe."
"Oh, yes Donald, I did. You were wonderful." And
he was. Perhaps not quite as good as he thought
he was, but a man's ego is a fragile thing. Why
not boost it a bit? It might help him next time.
And I was certain that there was going to be a
next time.

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Widow Ch.2

My date with Donald was not the first sexual experience I had since my husband had passed away. The first with another person, yes, but you know, there are other ways.
I had become a widow at age 28 after a 10 year marriage. Two months after that I was still in a cloudy haze, not sure of anything. People had been so very wonderful to me, but after a few weeks everyone seems to think it is time to move on. "Accept what happened and move on," they say. But it doesn't work that way. Not with a spouse, especially. I didn't understand that either, until it happened to me.
I was a Junior Executive in a rather large company, but the division office I was in consisted of six Junior Executives (I was the youngest and the only woman) and our boss, along with secretaries, assistants, and other personnel. My boss, Tom, my assistant, Jennifer, as well as my friend Donald (who didn't work there) seemed to be the only ones who hung in there with me and realized I wasn't yet recovered, and I probably wouldn't be for a long time. They were wonderful.
Jennifer was the first to give me actual, physical relief. Yes, I mean sexual, but no, I don't mean lesbian sex. I wasn't into that, but after those couple months had passed, I started to really miss orgasms. Jennifer was only a year younger than me, but she was single and dated a lot. I was newly single and had only been with one man. I was naive in a lot of ways. So I turned to Jennifer, whom I had confided in before.
"I really miss, you know, sex. Rodney and I used to do it a lot, and now - nothing," I told her one day in the privacy of my office.
She looked at me. "Do you mean you are ready to date?"
"Oh, God, no," I gasped. "I can't even imagine that."
"Oh, I see," she said. "Well, there are other ways to get satisfaction. You know, satisfy yourself."
"I know," I said, giggling. "I've done some of that. But aren't there other ways? Things to use?"
Now Jennifer giggled. "Oh, yeah, sure. You mean like dildos? Vibrators? That kind of thing?
"Yes, I suppose so." I was embarrassed to be talking about this, even after the deeply emotional conversations we have had.
"Do you want me to recommend some?"
"Some?" I asked. "How many do I need?"
Jennifer could see I was uncomfortable even talking about this. This was one area where I had no experience. She looked at me and asked, "Would you like me to pick something up for you?"
I smiled, relieved. "Yes, that might work best. Thanks."
The next day Jennifer brought a package into my office. She placed it on my desk and looked at me with a quirky smile.
"What's this?" I asked.
"The little item we talked about yesterday," she answered.
I was a little slow, but finally caught on. A big grin showed on my face, and a few butterflies started flying around in my stomach.
"Oh, that." I opened the box and gasped a little at its contents. It was a big, penis-shaped piece of - what? - rubber? "It's so..." I wanted to say big, but I hesitated.
Jennifer spoke up. "I just got a small, simple one for you. It sounded like this is new to you, so I thought - you know, a beginner's version."
I wondered to myself why it looked this big if it was 'small' like she said. Then I thought about all those jokes and comments about 'big dicks. If Jennifer thought this wasn't very large, maybe it was my husband who was small. I never had anything to compare his penis to. Not that it mattered, but I'd better keep my comments to myself.
Jennifer continued, "I can get a bigger one if you want. And there are lots of other choices. Vibrators, eggs, rabbits, butterflies.. ."
She kept talking but I tuned her out. I didn't even know what she was talking about now. How many choices did a girl need? "No, this will be fine. A beginner's version. That's good." I smiled at her nervously.
"You just, you know, put it in, like it was a man," Jennifer said.
I had to act like I knew something. "Yes, thanks. This is good. I'm sure it will help me out." I really didn't know much about this. I never had used them. My husband had always taken care of my needs.
I paid her for it, of course, before she left, then sat there and stared at it. I let it sit on my desk, not even touching it, my attention drifting back to it often. until someone came in. I grabbed for the box and swept it into a drawer before anyone saw it. I then left it there until it was time to go home.
Once home, I took the box and sat it on the table and, for the first time, took it out of the box. I felt it in my hands, looking mostly at it's size and thickness. Yes, definitely bigger than my husband's was. It actually looked like a penis. A circumcised one, which my husband also wasn't. But he was gone, and I had to deal with it. I held the fake penis in my hand as if there was a man there. I pulled it, stroked it, rubbed it against my cheek, put it on my lips - oh, yes, it was bigger!
I decided I needed to use it, see how it felt. I slowly stripped off my clothes, looking in the mirror as I did it. This was the first time I really felt like a woman since Rodney's death, a woman getting ready to have sex. I exposed my breasts, seeing them in reflection. "Nice," I thought to myself. Nearly perfect cones, firm, pretty little nipples that would soon be getting bigger and harder. I slid my skirt down, and my slip, standing only in panties, admiring the tiny waist and round hips, long, thin but shapely legs. I tried to look at myself in a detached way, but I actually liked what I saw. Not perfect, of course, but a pretty nice looking woman. Thank goodness, because this was the first time I was going to have sex with...
WHAT? I was going to have sex with a damn dildo! What was I thinking? I was really going over the edge. God, I was pathetic! I stood there and broke into laughter at the strange thoughts that had been going through my head. Well, it wasn't the worst or the weirdest thoughts I've' had recently. I really laughed, at myself, at the situation, at the fact that I was laughing! It was a good thing. Laughing hadn't been a common thing for me lately.
But on to more serious things. Evidently I needed this badly. Shedding my panties, I sat nude in a comfortable chair, setting the dildo nearby. Now what? I began stroking my labia lightly, in the usual way - with my fingers. A pleasant little feeling at first, gradually building up into actual heat. I spread my legs wider, and spread the lips of my pussy as well, sliding my fingers deeper. When I started getting a little wetness on my fingers, I moved my fingertip up to find my clit. A small spark shot up into my interior. I reached over to get the dildo, getting a firm grip on it. Now is the time to see how this thing works.
Slowly I slid the dildo between my legs, rolling it between my lips. I moved it back and forth while rolling it. I was wet, and the dildo was getting wet as well. After a while doing this, the tip pushed in a bit at my opening. I stopped at the strange sensation I got. I pushed at my hole a couple more times, smiling to myself, feeling good. Sliding the pole in my slit some more, I would push it at my hole every few trips. Then I pushed it up at my clit. I started to pull the hood away so the dildo could have access, but my clit was already enlarged and exposed. The wet dildo pushed against my nub, causing sparks to again shoot through my body, stronger this time. I moaned with feeling. This was good.
One hand started rubbing my nipple, always a favorite erogenous zone. After fingering it for a while, I brought the dildo up and rubbed it on my nipple. It felt good, hard and wet with my juices. I rubbed the wet nipple with my finger and used the dildo on my slit again. By this time I was using more pressure. It was pushing deep between my pussy lips, sliding back and forth, still pushing at my entrance from time to time. My breathing was getting shallow, my hips were thrusting, my pussy was sopping wet - it was time to try pushing it in.
I held the wet dildo at my entrance, spread my legs further, gathered my resolve, took a deep breath, and pushed it in. It only went in an inch or so, but it hurt a little and I stopped. It didn't really hurt much, I thought, and I pushed it in again. A little deeper this time, but it still hurt. No pain, but it wasn't as much fun as I had hoped. I held it just inside my entrance and wondered what to do. Rotating it in my hole to make certain that it was wet turned me on some more. Yes, that felt good. I kept rotating it as I put more pressure on it and it started sinking into my hole. It didn't hurt, it felt good. As it sunk in I would stop after an inch or so, rotating it in place, then push in another inch.
After it was in about five inches, I was at my limit. That was as far as anything had ever been. So I pulled it out and pushed it in again only faster. Ohhh. Yes, that was good. Pull it out again. then in again. Yes! Again. Again. Harder. Faster. Oh, yes this was nice. It reminded me of Rodney's dick plunging into me. Just a flash of nostalgia, then back to pure sexual excitement. My hips bounced on the dildo as I plunged it in. It was thick, stretching and filling my vagina completely. As the dildo kept plunging in and out of my pussy, my other hand left my nipple and reached down for my clit. I was soon rubbing my clit vigorously and shoving the dildo into my pussy with abandon. Jolts of pleasure shot through my body. I heard myself moaning, groaning, my head flopping back, sweat running down my forehead.
I was close to cumming. My orgasm was building as I kept abusing my clit and pussy. I fought to keep my thighs open, pushing the dildo in. I rotated it sometimes as well, and my whole body was tingling and hot. As my orgasm hit I drove the dildo in even further, further than anything had ever been. It sent a shock, a wonderful, painful, exciting shock through me. I pushed it in that deep again and again as I orgasmed. My orgasm was drawn out, My insides were convulsing, getting harder, lasting longer than I had remembered, at least for a long time. I nearly doubled over. My hand slipped off the dildo, leaving it stuck high up inside me. My pussy spasmed around it, my thighs clutched together much too tightly to allow the dildo to be driven out. My hand went up to my breast, pinched my nipple, hard, pulling it up, out, hard, sending its own sparks trough my system. The finger on my clit was still punishing it until my convulsions began to subside.
I threw my body back against the chair, both hands dropping to my sides, useless. My thighs fell open, and one of my final pussy spasms shot the dildo out onto the floor. i was drained. Another pussy spasm and my hole felt empty, abandoned. I placed a hand back in my crotch, one lonely finger slipping into my hole for comfort as I settled down from that wonderful experience. I would rather have man, but this was very nice.
I played lightly with my pussy, as well as my nipples, as I returned to my senses. I thought about what had happened, how sexual it was, how hot it was, how much I had needed the release. Yes, much more release than my fingers alone had been able to give me these past couple months. And, oh yes, dinner. I hadn't eaten. My, I was hungry. But I was going to go grab just a quick bite to help my hunger and give myself a short rest, and then I was definitely going to come back and use my new toy once again. Oh yes, definitely again.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Widow

I was an 18 year old virgin when I was married, believe it or not. I had very little experience with any kind of sex. My husband had been my only serious relationship, and he treated me like a lady, even when I was only 16. We had been married nearly 10 years when he had taken ill and died.
For more than 2 years I had no desire to date. So here I am a 31 year old widow, and now starting to realize that I greatly missed the feeling of a man. A man's strong arms holding me, a man's lips kissing me, a man's sweating body on top of me, a man's hard penis sinking deep into me. Oh, my, where had these thoughts come from? They must have been building for a while, but it seemed to burst into my consciousness overnight, much to my shock and surprise.My name is Sue, by the way. Well, Sue to my friends. Suzanne professionally. Suzie-Q sometimes to my best friends, especially when we were having a little immature fun. I was often called Suzie-Q by my husband when we were fooling around, and having decidedly mature fun. I like having three names. It is like having three personalities, and allows me to be very serious at times and to let myself go at other times.Donald had been a good friend of both me and my husband for years, and was one of my strongest supporters when Rodney died. Even through his divorce, about a year after my husband passed, he remained a close friend and supporter. Through all of those long, emotional conversations and sometimes late nights, he never once made a pass at me. He never acted like he was there because of any attraction towards me, simply to give me support. Now, over 2 years later, I began wondering why.Didn't he find me attractive? I am not vain, but I feel like I am a quite attractive woman. Blessed with great genes from both my mother and father, I was 5'6", slender, had a great figure, and soft, smooth caramel skin. My breasts were not large, but certainly large enough, (a nice, full B-cup) and sat proudly on my chest with little sag, though no-one would know that unless they saw me naked. I had shoulder length, dark brown hair with enough natural body and shine in it to keep it always attractive. My small waist set off curvy hips that had a sexy sway when I walked in spite of myself.I thought of Donald when I suddenly found myself ready to start dating again. And why not? Aside from being sensitive and supportive, he was sexy. Tall, athletic, with rough good looks, Why wouldn't a girl want to date him? When a little flirting didn't seem to work, I mentioned to him that I was ready to date, and asked if he would like to be my first. He seemed both surprised and eager, and so we were set. Only one rule - it was a real date. No talk of former spouses and the emotional stress from it. Strictly a date.He picked me up and we went out to a very nice dinner. Not a romantic place, but very upscale and lovely. Afterwards we went to a late movie, one that he picked for my enjoyment. A thrill shot through my body when he reached over and held my hand. I put my other hand on top of his as well as on his muscular upper arm at various times, and his arm was around my waist as we walked afterwards. It wasn't much, but at the time it seemed exciting, and a big step for me. I almost felt like a little teenaged virgin on her first date. When he kissed me goodnight, I got very flustered at first, but soon melted into his arms for a passionate kiss. Weak-kneed, I went into my house with a tingling between my legs.Since I had asked him out, I was determined that it was now up to him, or our little flirtation would be at an end. Therefore, I was tickled when he called me the very next day and told me how much he had enjoyed himself, asking me out for the next weekend. We had another nice date, but our third date is when it got exciting.After a little heavy kissing on our second date, our third date found us on my sofa kissing some more, but this time his hand found my breast. When I didn't object, he fondled it and worked his hand under my dress.. Fondling it over my thin bra, he also stroked the flesh just above the bra cup. It had been so long since I had felt a man do even this much that I felt chills over my whole body. When his fingers reached into my bra cup far enough to push firmly against my hardened nipple, I nearly exploded. A gasp escaped from my mouth, and my hand involuntarily moved from his chest to his crotch, finding and squeezing his erection tight all in one motion. My mind was still racing to comprehend what we were doing as Donald feverishly tore at the buttons of my dress. It opened up and he reached in to push my bra cups up, exposing my breasts. His hand pressed firmly into one, causing a gasp from us both, and he pinched the hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger. That sent an electric spark from my nipple straight to my pussy. My nipples had always been extremely sensitive, and it had been so long since anyone other than me had touched them. I am sure that by this time my panties had to be wet, and my whole body was on fire.When his hand reached under my dress and quickly ran up my leg to my crotch, I stopped kissing. "No," I said firmly, though gasping for breath. "Not that much. Not yet.""Why?" he asked. "We're not young kids, we like each other, and we both need this."That was true. In fact I was a very sexual person. My sex life had been very full. My husband and I had frequent sex, and were not shy about trying many positions and being very open about what we liked. The only way I had been conservative was in not cheating on my husband. I never even contemplated sex outside of marriage. So although I was very experienced, at this point I felt almost prudish, simply because this was a whole, new, uncomfortable world I was entering. I tried reminding myself that this was okay, it was normal. My mind bounced back and forth between wanting to say "No" and wanting to say "Now." And sometimes my body just acted on its own.His hand was still on my panties, and I couldn't think straight. Without a word I lifted my hips up off the sofa and he pulled the panties off. He pulled them on down to my knees and they dropped to my ankles, where I kicked them off. There I was, baring my pussy to a man for the first time in years, and Donald took little time in placing his hand flat against it. I could feel the wetness as his fingers played with my pussy lips as I was being driven wild.Finally I began thinking a little clearer, deciding I shouldn't be allowing his hand in my snatch. But what was the alternative for an aroused lady? So I turned my body towards his and with both hands attacked his pants, undoing his belt, button, and zipper, allowing his erection to leap out, covered only by his boxer-shorts. I grabbed his pole and pulled at it hard, causing him to groan and loosen his grip on my slit. Was this really better? I admit I wasn't really thinking as clearly as I believed, but I know I wanted to feel a hard dick very badly."I can't wait to feel you inside me. Do you have a condom?" I asked. My God, what was I saying?"No," he answered, sounding very dejected.I moved off the sofa, kneeling on the floor between his knees and pulling his dick out. I felt the warm flesh of a man's penis for the first time in years, and the only one I had ever felt or seen except for my husband's. I was surprised at the size of it. It looked at least an inch bigger than Rodney's had been, as well as thicker. Later on I would realize that Rodney's penis was a small one and Donald's was about average, but at this moment it seemed quite large to me. Though my dildo was about his size.Rodney had trained me in all things sexual, and I had learned to give head well and often, thinking it was routine. Eventually, even while we were still married, I found out that many women do not give head at all, and others only rarely do. But by then I had learned to enjoy doing it. I really liked the feeling of that hard bone in my hand and mouth, the soft skin covering it, the power it held and the power I had over it. Of course I knew about circumcised penises, but as Rodney had not been I had never seen one. I spent a lot of time examining the head of Donald's circumcised dick with my eyes, finger, and mouth. The soft fleshy head was always exposed, never sliding back under his skin. The ridge behind the head was also bigger. All of this exploration took my mind momentarily off the pure sex of the situation, but not so for Donald. My fingers tracing their way around the head, and my tongue licking the same, had him breathing hard. Each time my mouth closed around his erection he moaned a bit, and when I sucked in like a vacuum on his dick he groaned louder.I put my curiosity aside and went about trying to satisfy him. I already had been, but now I had a purpose. I licked the whole way down and back up his pole, wrapped my hand around the base of it while sucking on the head. My tongue continued licking the head even as I sucked on it, and I took the pole inside my mouth as I forced as much of his dick as I could between my lips.Donald gritted his teeth, managing to say, "Sue, I really want to fuck you!"I took him out of my mouth long enough to ask, "Don't you like this?"Putting his erection back into my mouth, I took as much as I possibly could, feeling his mushroom head hit the back of my throat, gagging me before I pulled back enough to breathe."Ahhhh," Donald said. "Yes, this is great," he managed to say, but it wasn't easy for him. "But...""Nuh-uhh," I said with my mouth full. I turned my head from side to side to emphasize that I meant no. Since his dick was deep into my mouth, the shaking of my head had a sensual effect on his throbbing member. He groaned again and didn't try to speak. As I could tell he was getting close, I pumped my hand on his pole faster and sucked on it vigorously. I felt his dick grow bigger in my mouth, and his hips started pushing it into my mouth. He was nearly there, starting to moan, finally warning me. "I'm going to cum!"I, of course, knew that, and continued my actions. I felt his cum flow up his pole and shoot out into my mouth. I was surprised at the strength of it as it hit the back of my throat. I pulled his dick out until only the head was in my mouth, swallowing hard to make room for more. And more there was. Then I sucked more of his dick into my mouth as his spurts slowed. I sucked him dry, until he pulled my head away from his dick. He looked at me, dazed and exhausted. "My God, that was great! And you swallowed. GOD! Not many women do."I just smiled up at him, still feeling cum dripping from my lips, thinking that I must have had a good teacher.I got up and took my seat again on the sofa beside him, my tits still exposed, while Donald slumped over onto my shoulder."But I wanted to.." he hesitated before finishing, "fuck you." I guess he couldn't think of another way to say it at the moment."I know. I would love to have you in me. But not today," I answered. Condom first, I thought to myself. I knew he had been with other women, and I wasn't about to take a chance on the various diseases that were possible. His hand had crept up my leg and was toying with my crotch, finally letting his fingers stroke my nether lips. I still hadn't had any sexual relief, and I needed some. Damn, I needed some!"Do you want to eat my pussy?" I asked.I was shocked, hearing me say that. I don't think I had ever used the word 'pussy' in front of a man besides Rodney, and here I had just asked Donald to eat my pussy! That shows how much I needed it, and he wasn't showing any sign of giving me relief very quickly. He hesitated, and I wondered if he was going to disappoint me.He looked at me shyly, then looked away. "I would love to, but I don't have much experience.""That's okay," I said eagerly. Then I started thinking about what he meant. "Didn't you and Carla..." I hesitated before finishing."She didn't want me to," he answered simply. He got between my legs and pushed my skirt up to my waist, exposing my naked pussy. "Maybe you'll have to teach me.""Okay," I smiled down at him. "Oh, Carla, what you were missing," I thought to myself. And now suddenly I was the teacher. "OH MY GOD," I thought to myself as his tongue licked along my pussy lips. No teaching is necessary, anything he does is going to be fine with me after all this time. My pussy was aching for his touch, and it didn't care exactly how it was touched.As his lips licked at my slit, I moaned, started thrashing my head about, and slid my butt down to the edge of the cushion to give him the best access. I didn't give any thought to how wet I was, or if he minded. He didn't give any indications of minding it as he went ahead enthusiastically licking all around my pussy, driving me wild."Put a finger in my hole," I pleaded, and he did. He pushed a finger in deeply, and I moaned loudly. Finally, someone in my pussy. Maybe it wasn't much, but it felt like everything to me at the time. I pushed my hips further toward him, trying to get his finger as deeply in as I could as he sawed in and out of me."Lick my clit," I said, hoping he knew where to find it. I reached down to find it for him, to see if it was hiding under its hood, but his tongue found it first."Oh, GOD!" I yelled as the sparks flew from my pussy to every part of my body. I bucked my hips into the air, onto his finger, into his mouth, and before I could say I was cumming, I was cumming.My orgasm hit fast and hard. My pussy muscles spasmed hard. My hands went to my crotch and grabbed his hand so that his finger couldn't leave my hole. One hand accidently landed on his head and pulled tight against me, as if I wanted his mouth to keep on my clit. But that was okay. It was the longest, hardest orgasm I had in years. I moaned and sighed for minutes while my body shook and very gradually calmed down. I pulled Donald's head off me, but kept his finger inside for a while longer. I had a hard time catching my breath.There wasn't much Donald could do as I held his finger in my pussy, and I realized that my thighs were holding our hands tight between them. He stroked my leg with his free hand and laid his head on my leg, looking up at me as I attempted to control myself. At first I was a little embarrassed at my loss of control and how I must have looked, but then I thought, "Who cares?" and relaxed. I loosened my grip on him with my hands and my thighs, and looked down at him and smiled. "Thanks," I said, immediately regretting it but not showing it."Believe me, it was my pleasure!" he answered.I smiled wider, feeling more at ease."I'm sorry. I'm sorry I didn't let you ... inside me.""That's okay," he said reassuringly. "That's fine. You were fantastic. I loved every second. Maybe another time." Was that a statement or a question? I wasn't sure. I didn't care."Definitely," I said, but even while I said it I was moving to cover myself up, not feeling right being so completely exposed to him. But what a feeling it had been. Yes, I was glad I finally had sex after all this time. I had missed it greatly, and was surely going to continue

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cabin Fever Ch.5

This is the final part of a continuing story. In order to appreciate the characters and their relationship, please read the previous parts: Cabin Fever.

It took Monty an hour to get everyone gathered in the kitchen the next morning. He had bluntly told Sierra that she was no longer in charge of the arrangements for this trip. He even took time to cook breakfast; bacon, eggs, and hash browns, ignoring the strained silence at the table. He waited until everyone had at least made an effort at eating something before he began.

"OK everybody," he said, "I think every one at this table has done some things that hurt someone else. We've been friends a long time, and nobody set out to hurt anyone else. So let's just say this is a collective apology, from each of us to each of the others. Fair enough?"

"A man of few and simple words," quipped Tyrone.

"It's OK with me," said Kristina.

"Then that's it. Apologies made and accepted all around," said Sierra, raising her glass of orange juice to toast the others.

"Wait! I'm not done," said Monty. "We've all seen the feelings we have for one another. So the question is, what happens the rest of this week? What happens after we go home?"

There was a long silence, and it was, surprisingly, Kristina who broke it.

"I don't want this to end. I talked with Tyrone about this last night. The truth is, I feel like a butterfly right out of a cocoon, and I don't want to crawl back in. If we can all be open with one another, I want to continue with what happened the first night we were here, and maybe try other things."

Monty looked at her with some surprise, then turned to Tyrone. "How about you, buddy? Are you OK with that?"

He saw Tyrone's eyes shift rapidly to Sierra.

"Let me put it another way... you're OK with anything that let's you and Sierra fuck again, aren't you? It's OK, we're all being honest."

Tyrone blushed and nodded his head, murmuring, "If that's what everybody else wants, yeah, I'm in."

"So to speak," joked Sierra.

Monty turned to his wife. "OK with you, Si-Si? You get to play with your best friend's husband, and still keep yours as well?"

"Yep!" she smiled. As long as that's what we're talking about here... no divorces because of what happens between us, right?"

"Right. So it sounds like we're all in agreement. At least verbally, sitting around the breakfast table. But last time things got out of hand, we all really screwed up. I know everybody says they want this, but I'm not sure we can really handle it. So I proposed we put it to a test. We pair off, in the same room, and watch our partners with the other's spouse. And if anybody feels uncomfortable, just say so and it ends right there."

"Just like that? We just strip and have sex?" protested Tyrone.

"Well, I figured we need a little 'social lubricant.' to get us in the mood," Monty said. He went to the refrigerator and pulled out two bottles of champagne.

"I packed these for the trip figuring we might drink them on our last night up here. But I think this occasion calls for a sacrifice. This first bottle turns that orange juice into mimosas, and the second bottle is for when we run out of orange juice. Tyrone, you open and pour. I'm going to stoke up the wood stove and lay out some blankets. The weather is still crappy out there, and since the ski trip is turning into a bust, it's a good thing we have something else to do."

* * * * *

Eventually Monty herded everyone into the living room, now warm from the fire.

They were all feeling a little tipsy from the champagne. Monty had poured an extra round for himself, so even with his body weight he was feeling a little buzz.

"OK... here we go. I guess the best way to start is for everybody to strip."

There were a few seconds of stunned silence, and then everyone reacted.

"What? Just like that?"

"How romantic!"

"QUIET!" Monty said. "You all agreed to this. If you want to quit now go ahead. But if you want to work this out, then strip!"

Tyrone was the first to respond, and he began taking off his clothes and piling them on the floor. Soon Sierra and Kristina began to strip, and finally Monty took off his own clothes.

Tyrone had to admire the two women, and despite the circumstances he found himself quickly becoming aroused. His wife Kristina was a small woman, with natural black hair, and light skin. She had a tiny waist, and firm B cup breasts, tipped with perky hard nipples.

Sierra was a bigger woman, about as tall as Tyrone. She was tan and sensuous looking, with soft curves and big full breasts, and long, wavy hair.

Tyrone glanced briefly at Monty. He was a big, muscular man, and it was impossible to avoid noticing the size of his penis, which even when relaxed seem enormous.

"Well, here goes," Monty said. With a smile, he took Kristina by the hand and led her to the loveseat. They sat side by side and Kristina snuggled against him as he put his arm around her and drew her close to kiss. Their lips touched lightly for a few seconds, and then their mouths opened and their tongues met. Kristina squirmed, against Monty, amazed at how turned on she was.

Tyrone watched numbly as the big man held his wife. Her pleasure was obvious; her nipples were stiff, and she moaned and sighed as they kissed.

"Come on lover... we get to play too, you know," Sierra said, as she put her arms around Tyrone, and pulling him to her, and began to kiss him.

Tyrone wasn't sure where this was going, but Sierra's body felt incredible against his. He felt her soft round tits against his chest, her arms around him, her tongue slipping into his mouth. As they kissed he felt his dick getting hard. Sierra reached down to position him, then pulled his body tight to hers, his hard-on squeezed between them. He began moving his hips. He grew harder and harder as he rubbed it against Sierra, and soon it was as hard as it can get.

After a while Sierra broke their kiss and stepped back. They looked over at Kristina and Monty.

Kristina had slid down into a reclining position, her head resting on Monty's chest. One small hand was wrapped around his dick, stroking gently, Her mouth was stretched around the head, her tongue swirling around the tip, tasting all of him. She made slurping sounds as she bobbed her head, her saliva running down his thick pole.

Monty had reached his long arm behind and under Kristina. He had one finger inside her pussy while the others pressed over her clit. Monty was moving his fingers with a slow circular motion, and Tyrone could see that they were already glistening with the juices from Kristina's wet pussy.

Monty reach down with his other hand to pinch and pull her stiff nipples, sending shivers down her body.

Sierra pulled Tyrone back to her and kissed him again, her mouth wet against his. Then she guided his head downward, offering him her stiff brown nipples, which he greedily sucked. He cupped his hand over her pussy, feeling her soft bush, inserting his fingers into her wetness. Sierra settled down on the floor and let Tyrone pleasure her, sliding his fingers in and out of her, flicking his tongue over her nipples, then sucking and nipping them, pulling them with his lips and teeth.

Tyrone slid out his fingers and sucked on them, savoring her taste. Sierra glanced briefly at the pair on the loveseat, then turned her attention back to Tyrone. Rolling him over, she positioned her hot pussy over his mouth, and took his dick into her own. She ground her wet pussy against Tyrone's face, and he began to lick and suck on her swollen lips. Meanwhile, she took his pole deep into her mouth. Sierra was used to struggling to take as much of Monty's dick as possible; with Tyrone, she was able to take his whole dick into her throat.

Tyrone was in heaven... Sierra's wonderful, sexy body was pressed against his, her tits mashed against him as she deep-throated his throbbing dick. She was bucking against his face as he ate her hot pussy. He could hear Kristina and Monty gasping and moaning, and it increased his own excitement.

Sierra let out a deep moan, vibrating the length of Tyrone's dick. She began to thrash wildly, convulsing as a huge orgasm took her. Tyrone's face was drenched with her juices, as he tried to suck up as much as he could.

As her orgasm subsided, she began to bob her head furiously up and down, milking Tyrone's dick. "I'm so close to cumming," he said, his face still buried between Sierra's legs.

Tyrone was used to warning Kristina of his pending orgasm. Kristina would usually take her mouth from him, and finish with her hands. Sierra, on the other hand, increased her speed, sucking him harder and faster. She cupped his balls in her hand and squeezed them gently as she sucked him. Unable to hold back, Tyrone felt his balls tighten, his pole start to throb, and then he unleashed spurt after spurt of his cum into Sierra's hot wet mouth.

Sierra gently sucked Tyrone clean, and they separated, their breathing slowly returning to normal.

"You are so fucking hot, Tyrone!" Sierra said with a lascivious smile. "I'm going to want more of that."

They turned to watch Monty and Kristina, who were once again kissing passionately. Kristina's hand was striking rapidly up and down Monty's dick, as his fingers made wet squishing sounds on her pussy.

Her body began thrashing as his fingers brought her closer and closer to orgasm.

"Oh yeah, make me cum you mothafucka!" she gasped out, just before flooding his fingers with her orgasmic juices.

Barely stopping to catch her breath she began jerking his dick fiercely, twisting her hand with each stroke to spread her saliva over his entire pole. Monty leaned back and groaned, and moments later a great stream of cum shot from his dick, splattering Kristina's tits, followed instantly by another spurt.

Kristina swung her leg over Monty, straddling him, and sank down until the thick head of his dick was nestled at her wet hole. His cum sprayed over her flat tummy and her pussy as she mounted him, leaving much of her body glazed with his sticky fluid.

She rocked her hips, taking more of him into her dripping pussy, settling down on his pole before it could soften, and catching the last spurts of his orgasm deep inside her. She leaned forward and pressed her body against his as she started to move, riding him before he could lose his erection. Despite having just cum, Monty was fully hard again almost immediately.

Kristina moaned in pleasure at the feeling of Monty stretching her pussy and filling her as she rode him.

Tyrone watched his wife, who was covered in Monty's cum and bouncing up and down on his dick with complete sexual abandon. He felt Sierra's body press against his, her fingers wrapping around his dick.

"Think you're ready for another round, lover?"

He felt Sierra's warm lips wrap around his dick and looked down to see her slowly bobbing her head, slurping up and down his pole as her tongue massage the head of his dick.

After a moment Tyrone reluctantly pulled Sierra off his dick and positioned her on her hands and knees, facing the loveseat. He knelt behind her and positioned the head of his dock at her pussy. With one thrust, he drove his full length into her, his balls slapping against her. He leaned forward and reached around her, taking her swaying tits in his hands. He held tightly onto her tits, pulling and twisting her nipples, as he began to fuck her.

Positioned as they were, both Tyrone and Sierra had an incredible view of Kristina riding Monty's dick. They could see her cream running down his penis and drenching his balls as her pussy lips sucked up and down his dick. The smell of sex filled the room, and both women were moaning.

Kristina sensed Monty looking over her shoulder, watching his wife writhing and moaning as Tyrone fucked her. Kristina slid off Monty and turned around. He helped her settle back onto him, this time facing Sierra and Tyrone, and gradually worked his dick back into her. Kristina leaned forward, resting her hands on her knees, as Monty gripped her hips and began to slam her small body up and down on his throbbing dick.

The girls faces were just inches from one another. Sierra could literally feel the heat of Kristina's labored breathing on her face.

Kristina seemed totally out of control, her body trembling and shaking. She snarled and moaned, spitting out words, "fuck... pussy fucking full... oh fuck... cum... fucking cum..."

Sierra had never dreamed how turned on she would be by the site on her best friend being ravaged by her husband. Her pussy was drenched, and each time Tyrone thrust into her it was like an electric charge taking her to a higher level of excitement. She could feel her juices literally running down her thighs.

"Oh my god Tyrone I'm gonna cum!"

Tyrone sped up, his dick moving continuous in and out, exciting every nerve ending in her swollen pussy. Sierra was suspended at the peak of arousal, knowing she was seconds away from an incredible orgasm. Tyrone pinched hard on her nipples, and Sierra screamed as she came, wave after wave of pleasure filling her body. She was dimly aware of Tyrone's hot semen flooding her pussy, his dick still moving in her, her orgasm going on and on.

Monty could not believe how beautiful Sierra looked as she orgasmed. It really didn't matter that another man was fucking her; the site of her cumming was the hottest thing he had ever seen. Unable to hold back, he pulled Kristina down onto his dick and held her there as he came, his big balls emptying into her tight pussy. He reached his hand around her and rubbed her clit as he held her impaled on his pole.

Kristina's senses were on overload, She watched her husband fucking her best friend, making her cum, cumming in her pussy. She felt Monty's dick erupting in her, flooding her insides with his cum. His fingers, still wet with her juices, rubbed over her clit, and suddenly she was cumming, her scream mingling with Sierra's.

The room grew quiet, except for the heaving breathing of the two couples.

Monty helped Kristina ease of his dick, which was still partially erect. She slid to the floor, just as Sierra slumped forward. The two women hugged, their bodies sticky and slick with sweat. For a moment they just enjoyed the pleasure of one another's touch before turning back to the men.

Monty joined everyone else on the floor, and leaned over to softly kiss Kristina.

Tyrone and Sierra laid down side by side, caressing one another and lightly kissing.

"Well, I think that worked out rather nicely," Monty quipped. There were murmurs of exhausted agreement from the others.

After a while Sierra stood, her legs a little shaky, and held out a hand to help Kristina to her feet. She led the smaller woman to Tyrone, and placed her hand in his.

"Tyrone, you are a hot, sexy, lover, and I can't believe how hard you made me cum. And Kristina, from what I saw just now, you are a woman who any man would love to fuck. Now, the two of you need to give each other the same attention and intensity you gave Monty and me."

Tyrone smiled at Sierra. "Thank you. You really are incredible." He began to lead Kristina to the stairs up to their bedroom.

"No you don't." Sierra stopped him. "Sorry, but like Monty said, this is all going to be open and shared. Nobody is leaving yet."

With that she drew her husband Monty to his feet. Monty kissed her passionately, putting all his intense feelings into the kiss. He lowered her to the floor, his dick once again growing stiff with excitement. She spread her legs wide for him, and he mounted her. She gasped as he drove his dick into her, filling her completely, almost painfully. He began to fuck her. Despite having just cum twice with Kristina, he was overcome by an urgent need to make love to his wife.

Tyrone felt Kristina's fingers softly stroking his dick. He turned and kissed her, and then slid to the floor together. Kristina squeezed his dick, pulling it and guiding it into her wetness. As he slid into her, she announced loudly, "God I want to cum with your dick in me!"

The room was soon filled with gasps and moans. Tyrone and Monty thrust into their wives, matching stroke for stroke. The women, sensing how much it was turning the men on, loudly begged for them to keep fucking. Kristina felt Sierra's hand reaching for hers and took it. They held hands, savoring a sense of connection and sharing as their husbands rode them.

The room was still charged with sexual energy, filled with the sounds and smells of sex, but it was also filled with a sense of mutual caring and the two couples shared and intimate connection.

It wasn't long before the two men were moving faster, the women lifting their hips to meet their thrusts. Everyone seemed to feed off the excitement of the others as they raced together toward orgasm.

Kristina and Sierra cried out, almost in unison, as they came, and moments later Tyrone and Monty added their own voices, as they filled their wives with their cum.

* * * * *

Completely spent, the four friends collapsed together on the floor.

After a while Tyrone said, "God I hope it's clear enough to ski tomorrow. My body can't take much more of this!"

"Hmmm," replied Monty, "maybe you should ask Sierra for a massage to loosen up those sore muscles."

Kristina reached over and punched his arm.

"Hey, be nice you guys," said Sierra. "I think we've finally figured out how to make this work!"
After the ski trip and countless fun nights, the couples find themselves in the most uproar when Kristina gets pregnant by Tyrone..... or is she.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cabin Fever Ch.4

Tyrone took a deep breath and opened the bedroom door. The room was dark, lit only by the light from behind him on the stairway landing. Kristina was curled on the bed, her back to the door.

"Kristina, we have to talk. I'm really, really sorry for the things I said."

He waited for a moment for a reply. When Kristina didn't say anything, he stepped into the room. He tossed his bundle of cloths into the corner and turned on the reading lamp next to the bed before closing the door. He sat on the bed, looking at his wife, and rested his hand on her shoulder.

"I was talking to Sierra..."

Kristina rolled toward him suddenly and looked at him, her eyes red with crying and her face twisted into a grimace of pain.

"TALKING to her! You fucked her, damn you. I can smell her on you. I can see the scratches on you. You just had to hurt me, didn't you? You just had to pay me back."

"Kristina, no! No, it's not like that. Oh god Kristina, I am so sorry."

He lay down on the bed next to her and put his arm around her, pulling her close. After a moment she rested her head on his chest and began to cry.

He held her, quietly until her tears subsided, and then he started to speak.

"Kristina, I was hurting when Sierra came downstairs... just like you were hurting earlier today. And I felt so close to her, just being able to talk to her. It felt so natural to hold her in my arms. And it was exciting Kristina, exciting to be with a sexy woman who wanted me. And then there was the whole rush of being with a new lover. It's been a long time since I felt that. I didn't realize how much I miss that feeling."

"I know," Kristina said softly, "I felt it too Tyrone. I felt that way with Monty."

"Me being with Sierra doesn't mean I stopped loving you. I love you so much, and I've been so afraid of losing you. Am I going to lose you Kristina?"

He felt her shaking her head, still sniffling.

"Tyrone... will you make love with me?"

"Yes, I'd really like that honey."

Kristina reached down and unbuttons his pants, pulling them open, and gently kissing the head of his soft dick.

"I haven't showered honey," he reminded her.

"That's OK baby. I'm going to get my first taste of pussy," she giggled. "Maybe I'll like it!"

Tyrone was shocked by Kristina's words. Just two days ago, he would never have imagined his somewhat reserved wife saying something like that.

Tyrone had wiped himself before coming upstairs, but Kristina could still smell and taste Sierra's juices on him. It was strangely exciting knowing that her husband had been fucking another woman just minutes ago. Kristina took him in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. She cupped his balls in her small hand and played with them as she sucked him. She could feel his penis swelling, growing thick and stiff in her mouth.

When he had a serviceable erection, Kristina stood up next to the bed and quickly stripped off her clothes. "Get your pants off," she instructed Tyrone.

He quickly complied, and reached out for her.

"No. Lay back on the bed."

As he watched she ran her hands down her body, slowly caressing herself. She pressed a hand between her legs and began to rub. Tyrone watched, fascinated, as she massaged her pussy, gradually teasing apart her lips and sliding her fingers up and down her slit. He was rock-hard by the time she slid two fingers into herself. She worked them in and out, spreading her wetness, and then put them to her mouth and sucked them clean.

She climbed onto the bed and threw her leg over him, straddling him. She lowered herself until her the wet lips of her pussy were pressed against the underside of his dick. She rocked her hips, sliding her wetness up and down the length of his pole, humping against his stiff erection.

She looked at him with a fierce smile on her face as she rubbed her wet sex up and down against him. In a low voice she said, "You like this hot pussy don't you Tyrone? You like to eat it? You like to put your fingers in my wet pussy? You like to put your dick in my pussy and fuck it, don't you?"

She matched her rhythm to her words, jerking her hips sharply and driving herself against him to emphasize the word "pussy."

Tyrone had never seen or imagined his wife like this. He was absolutely aroused, but at the same time worried by her behavior. "Kristina, what's going on? Why are you doing this?"

"I'm tired of being shy, conservative Kristina, Tyrone. I want to dress in sexy clothes. I want to flirt. I want men to look at me the way they look at Sierra." She almost snarled the words at him, driving her pussy against his pole.

"I want men to look at me and want to FUCK me Tyrone, the way my HUSBAND just FUCKED MY BEST FRIEND!" her words ended with a long shriek as her body trembled and shook. Tyrone felt a flood of hot liquid drenching his dick, running down to his balls as Kristina's orgasm went on and on.

"Kristina, I'm sorry... please just let me hold you and we can talk."

"No! Shut the fuck up you bastard."

She leaned forward, her outstretched arms pinning him beneath her, and started to rub against him, furiously grinding herself on his dick, still pressed flat between their bodies. Her small tits bounced and gyrated as she rocked her body, sliding her dripping pussy up and down along his pole.

"I am NOT going to stand by while you play out your sexual fantasies without me. I want what Sierra has. I want to be the sexy one. You want to fuck me in the ass like you did with her? That's right Tyrone, I know about that. You want to watch me with another woman? How about with another man, Tyrone? Could you handle that? Well maybe it doesn't matter, because that's what I want!"

Tyrone was swept away by her anger and by her sexual energy. He lay gasping under her, his dick throbbing beneath her assault, feeling his balls tightening. Suddenly he felt his cum shooting from his dick, the thick sticky cream pooling on his stomach and chest.

Kristina kept moving, driving her pussy against him, gradually slowing as his spurts subsided. Her breath was coming in ragged gasps when she finally stopped moving. She reached down and ran her hand over his chest and stomach, smearing his cum over his skin, then slowly licked her hand.

"I am just as sexy as you are Tyrone, "she said in a low voice, "Just as sexy as Monty and just as sexy as Sierra. And I want things too! So don't you ever treat me like your needs are more important than mine."

Tyrone stared at the sexy, strong, dangerous woman sitting naked on top of him. His wife. His lover.

He pulled her down toward him, and this time she allowed him to wrap his arms around her. They kissed one another passionately, their sweaty, sticky bodies sliding against one another. Unbelievably, Tyrone felt his dick stiffening again. He rolled over with Kristina in his arms, pinning her beneath him, as the head of his dick parted her swollen lips and he slid into her hot tunnel.

"Fuck me!" she growled.

He responded by withdrawing his penis until just the head was inside of her, and then sliding back in with one long stroke. He held there for a moment, pressed tightly against her, before sliding out again. As he moved in and out, he started to rotate his hips in a circular motion, sliding into her from the left, pressing his pelvis against her as he rolled his body, and withdrawing to the right. Each time he sank into her his body ground against her clit, making her gasp at the stimulation.

"God Tyrone I love it when you move like that! Why don't we ever do this any more?"

"We are right now lover."

He moved in her for a long time, looking into her eyes. Gradually he picked up the pace, and as he moved faster Kristina's little gasps became whimpers and cries of pleasure. He felt his own orgasm building, and tried desperately to hold back. Finally Kristina screamed with pleasure, digging her nails into is back, and Tyrone unleashed his hot cum into her before collapsing on top of her, totally spent.

= = = = =

Sierra lay in the dark kitchen for a while before slowly picking up her clothes and getting dressed. She quietly climbed the stairs. She heard voices from Tyrone and Kristina's room, but at least there was no shouting. She crossed the landing to her own room and went in.

"Well?" asked Monty.

"They're talking. No violence at least."

"You were gone a long time."

"Yeah, well Tyrone really needed to get things out."

"I came downstairs to see if you needed anything."

She looked at him, suddenly aware of the deadly calm in his voice.

"Oh, Monty. How much did you see?"

"Enough. How long have you been in love with him?"

"About as long as you've been in love with Kristina. And don't say you're not! I love you Monty, and you're my husband, but there's this other person, and they're attractive, and exciting, and just right there all the time... how can you not want that? How can you not want HER?"

"We were talking about you, not me. Don't twist this around."

He paused for a moment, and then admitted, "But you're right. I have wanted and fantasized about Kristina for a long time. I care about her as a friend... maybe I love her. And that's why I would never manipulate her and Tyrone the way you have."

"Monty, it wasn't supposed to go this far! And Kristina did as much as I did, once things started! It's not my fault things turned out this way."

"I'm not buying it. I think this has turned out exactly like you hoped, so far. But now I'm going to get what I want."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

To start with, unless you are planning on running off with Tyrone tonight, I'm going to have sex with my beautiful wife.

Sierra started to protest, but Monty simply pulled her to him and started to undress her. She was a thick, athletic woman, but despite her struggles the big man casually held her and pulled off her clothes as easily as he might control a misbehaving child. Monty was a gentle, considerate man, and Sierra had almost forgotten the raw power that had attracted her when they were first dating.

When he finished undressing her, Monty pushed her back onto the bed and pulled off his own clothes. Apparently Monty had been aroused by her struggles; his dick was swollen to its full, enormous size.

He knelt on the bed beside her, stroking his penis, the plum-size head inches from her face. He ran his big hand up and down the thick pole, spreading the wetness of his pre-cum until his entire dick glistened with sticky wetness.

Sierra leaned toward him and opened her mouth as wide as she could, stretching her lips around the plum-size head. Monty groaned as he felt her hot mouth on him. He let her suck him for a few moments, feeling her taking him, a little at a time, deeper and deeper into her mouth.

He slid one hand down her body, feeling between her legs. He felt the heat and wetness of her pussy, her bush matted and wet.

With a grunt, he pulled his dick from her mouth, so suddenly that a stream of spit ran down Sierra's chin. He flipped her over like a rag-doll on the bed, forcing her onto her hands and knees. He took his pole in his hand and guided it to her pussy, pushing the head against her lip, forcing them to part.

Despite her own arousal and her recent fucking by Tyrone, Sierra was not prepared for Monty's dick. She gasped as he pushed into her, stretching her. He pulled back a little and thrust forward again, his strong hands holding her hips. She tried to crawl away but was unable to move as Monty held her and drove into her, pushing deeper with each stroke.

Her gasps turned to moans as he filled her, and her copious juices lubricated him. She felt her pussy lips being stretched, pulled in and out as his massive pole pistoned into her.

Monty leaned forward and took her tits in his big hands, squeezing her luscious globes. His thumbs brushed over her stiff nipples as he held her tits tightly, pulling back on them each time he drove into her.

She was moaning continuously as he fucked her. She reached back with one hand and pressed it to her clit, rubbing in tight little circles as her husband took her.

"Oh god Monty," she gasped, "you're so deep... Monty it hurts!"

He shifted his position slightly, knowing from years of experience the slight difference between pleasure and pain, and then thrust forward at a different angle, impaling her on his massive shaft. He slowly slid back, the lips of her pussy sucking at his dick, then drove back in, using the whole force of his body to drive his pole into her, only to slowly withdraw it again.

She felt his dick driving into her, filling her, reaching some place impossibly deep inside her. Each time Monty's dick thrust into her she reached a higher peak of pleasure, until it seemed like there was nothing left in the entire world but his incredible penis stretching her and filling her. She screamed as she came, collapsing forward into the bed.

Monty's body fell forward on top of her. He was still fucking her as she came, his penis filling her again and again. She felt his hands under her, pushing her own hand away, his strong fingers stretching her pussy lips wide and rubbing over her clit as he fuck her.

She heard her own voice, screaming out her husband's name as one orgasm flowed into another. She was pinned beneath him, barely able to breath, completely helpless as he used her body.

Finally his thrusts slowed in her and he raised his body from hers. She sucked air into her lungs with long gasps. She felt him lifting her, making her stand next to the bed, bending her over so that her upper body rested on the bed, her ass in the air.

She felt his big hands spreading her cheeks, felt the gob of saliva that he spit onto her asshole.

"Monty, no! You're too big Monty!"

She felt something press against her puckered hole and gasped as he pushed a finger, slick with her cum, into her ass. He twisted his finger, moving it in and out, fucking her with it.

She felt the head of his cock against her pussy, felt it sliding into her well-stretched hole.

He fucked her urgently, filling her with rapid thrusts, as his big finger continued to work in and out of her ass. She whimpered as she felt another finger slide into her, twisting in and out, stretching her ass like a thick dick.

She heard Monty moaning "fuck, oh fuck" as his cock drove into her, his big balls slapping against her. She felt her pussy clench him as he swelled within her, her orgasm sweeping over her just as Monty exploded, flooding her pussy with his cum. He kept fucking her as his dick slowly wilted, their cum running from her pussy and down their legs.

Sierra's legs were trembling and she felt like she was about to collapse.

"Monty... get your fingers out of my ass!"

He laughed as he slowly withdrew his fingers and his dick from her ravaged body. She groaned as she collapsed onto the bed. The big man flopped down beside her and said, "Now THAT was what I wanted."

"Damn! Anytime you want a fuck like that, just take it. It's yours baby. There isn't another man in the world who can make me feel like that."

Monday, October 22, 2012

Cabin Fever Ch.3

In part 1 of this story, Sierra and Kristina flirt with one another's husbands at a ski cabin. Sexy massages lead to passionate sex with the other's husband. In part 2, Kristina and Monty (Sierra's husband) have sex while their partners are away.

* * * * *

"How could you do this?" shouted Sierra. Monty had never seen her so angry.

"Honey I'm sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen. Kristina was really upset after her fight with Tyrone... she just needed somebody. And I really think everything would have been OK if Tyrone hadn't come home early to apologize."

"That's your defense? She needed you? And Tyrone screwed everything up by coming home to apologize to his wife? Do you have any idea what you have done to their marriage?"

"I know. I feel like shit. Maybe if I talk to Tyrone I can fix things."

"NO! You are not talking to Tyrone. You are the last person on Earth Tyrone wants to talk to right now. You stay right here in this room. I'm going downstairs to talk to Tyrone."

* * * * *

Sierra found Tyrone downstairs in the kitchen. The lights were off and the room was dimly lit by the gloomy twilight filtering in through the small kitchen window. Tyrone was sitting at the table staring morosely at a half-empty tumbler of Crown Royal.

"Is that helping?" she asked, pulling up a chair to sit next to him.

"Doesn't matter," he replied, taking another swallow. "I just told Kristina we're through."

"Is that what you really want? To lose Kristina?"

"I've already lost her. How can I stay with her knowing she'd rather be with Monty?"

"Tyrone, Kristina loves you. What happened here was a mistake. Kristina was hurt and confused."

"Bullshit! I can't compete with Monty! After having him, she's never going to be satisfied with me!"

"Is that what this is about? You think every woman wants Monty just because he has a big dick? Shit, Tyrone, last night you turned me on as much as I've ever been! You don't need to compete with Monty."

"Well Kristina sure as hell made her choice today! She couldn't wait till she was alone with him."

"Tyrone, stop it! I know you love Kristina, and I know she loves you. You need to get over whatever insecurities are keeping you from seeing that."

"Nothing to see Si-Si... it's over between Kristina and me."

Tyrone raised the glass to his lips, but before he could drink, Sierra took it from him and drained it herself, the straight liquor bringing tears to her eyes as she swallowed it down. Tyrone watched, too surprised to react.

"Tyrone, I never dreamed Kristina would react the way she did last night, but you have to understand that I was the one who planned this whole thing. I arranged that massage session last night with some crazy hope of getting into your pants. I never thought about how people might be hurt... but if Kristina really doesn't want you, then fine, because I do!" she said, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him.

The feelings Tyrone had experienced the previous night came back with a rush as Sierra kissed him. Just like last night, he found his thoughts of Kristina and Monty receding... the only thing that seemed real or important was the beautiful, sexual woman wrapping her arms around him.

He opened his mouth to hers, their tongues exploring, as he felt her full breasts pressed against him. He reached around her and lifted her sweater. She stepped back and allowed him to lift it over her head and toss it aside. She reached behind and unhooked her bra, dropping it to the floor, and allowing her full tits to fall free for Tyrone.

He grabbed at them roughly, squeezing and rubbing, loving the fullness and weight in his hands... so different from his wife's itty bitty titties. Sierra kissed him fiercely as she tore open his shirt, her nails raking over his skin. Her hands continued down his body, fumbling to loosen his belt and pull his pants open.

Tyrone stood and pulled Sierra to her feet, knocking the kitchen chairs aside.

They quickly stripped off the rest of their clothes and resumed their kiss. Tyrone's hand trailed down Sierra's body, his fingers running through the soft tuft of hair above her pussy, and brushed lightly over her swollen lips. She moaned into his mouth as he slipped his fingers between her lips into her wetness.

She began to hump against his hand, pressing her body tightly against him, her breasts pressed against his chest,

Tyrone's dick was throbbing with arousal. He pulled his hand from her pussy, now wet with her juices, and rubbed it across her nipples, teasing her stiff swollen nubs.

He took her in his arms and lowered her to the ground, laying her back on the old-fashioned coil rug in the middle of the kitchen floor. Without a word she spread her legs wide for him and opened her arms.

He knelt between her legs and guided the head of his dick to her waiting pussy, sliding it into her hot, wet tunnel with one stroke. He lowered himself on top of her and they kissed, her arms wrapped around him as he started to move.

Her nails dug into his back as he stroked in and out of her, urgently fucking her. She lifted her hips to grind her clit against him, gasping and moaning into his mouth each time he thrust against her.

Tyrone felt his balls tightening, nearing orgasm, when Sierra's body convulsed under him. She locked her arms and legs around him, holding him close against her, until her orgasm subsided,

She smiled at Tyrone as he shifted position, raising his body and helping her to put her legs up onto his shoulders.

Tyrone thrust himself into her again and again, pounding his pelvis against her. Sierra tightened her muscles, clenching around his dick, increasing the sensations for both of them as he moved faster. She gazed at his face as he fucked her, fascinated by his passion, by the graceful movements of his body even now.

Finally, with a final thrust, he erupted. She felt his cum spurting into her, jet after jet filling her and mixing with her own wetness.

Neither moved for a time, until finally Sierra's legs began to cramp and she moved them. Tyrone leant over and kissed her again as his penis slipped from her.

"Tyrone... what I said before about wanting you? You know it's more than that. I'm in love with you."

"But you love Monty, Sierra. And you belong with him."

"And you love Kristina, if you can get over your hurt. I'm just saying, you're not alone - whatever happens. Now why don't you go upstairs and talk to her?"

Tyrone looked at the beautiful woman, lying naked on the floor with him, but suddenly his thoughts were on Kristina, and how she must be feeling after the things he had said to her.

"You're right. I owe her that much," he said.

He quickly wiped his sticky dick and pulled on his pants before gathering the rest of his clothes.

As he headed up the stairs, Sierra barely heard him say, "and I love you too."