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Cabin Fever Ch.5

This is the final part of a continuing story. In order to appreciate the characters and their relationship, please read the previous parts: Cabin Fever.

It took Monty an hour to get everyone gathered in the kitchen the next morning. He had bluntly told Sierra that she was no longer in charge of the arrangements for this trip. He even took time to cook breakfast; bacon, eggs, and hash browns, ignoring the strained silence at the table. He waited until everyone had at least made an effort at eating something before he began.

"OK everybody," he said, "I think every one at this table has done some things that hurt someone else. We've been friends a long time, and nobody set out to hurt anyone else. So let's just say this is a collective apology, from each of us to each of the others. Fair enough?"

"A man of few and simple words," quipped Tyrone.

"It's OK with me," said Kristina.

"Then that's it. Apologies made and accepted all around," said Sierra, raising her glass of orange juice to toast the others.

"Wait! I'm not done," said Monty. "We've all seen the feelings we have for one another. So the question is, what happens the rest of this week? What happens after we go home?"

There was a long silence, and it was, surprisingly, Kristina who broke it.

"I don't want this to end. I talked with Tyrone about this last night. The truth is, I feel like a butterfly right out of a cocoon, and I don't want to crawl back in. If we can all be open with one another, I want to continue with what happened the first night we were here, and maybe try other things."

Monty looked at her with some surprise, then turned to Tyrone. "How about you, buddy? Are you OK with that?"

He saw Tyrone's eyes shift rapidly to Sierra.

"Let me put it another way... you're OK with anything that let's you and Sierra fuck again, aren't you? It's OK, we're all being honest."

Tyrone blushed and nodded his head, murmuring, "If that's what everybody else wants, yeah, I'm in."

"So to speak," joked Sierra.

Monty turned to his wife. "OK with you, Si-Si? You get to play with your best friend's husband, and still keep yours as well?"

"Yep!" she smiled. As long as that's what we're talking about here... no divorces because of what happens between us, right?"

"Right. So it sounds like we're all in agreement. At least verbally, sitting around the breakfast table. But last time things got out of hand, we all really screwed up. I know everybody says they want this, but I'm not sure we can really handle it. So I proposed we put it to a test. We pair off, in the same room, and watch our partners with the other's spouse. And if anybody feels uncomfortable, just say so and it ends right there."

"Just like that? We just strip and have sex?" protested Tyrone.

"Well, I figured we need a little 'social lubricant.' to get us in the mood," Monty said. He went to the refrigerator and pulled out two bottles of champagne.

"I packed these for the trip figuring we might drink them on our last night up here. But I think this occasion calls for a sacrifice. This first bottle turns that orange juice into mimosas, and the second bottle is for when we run out of orange juice. Tyrone, you open and pour. I'm going to stoke up the wood stove and lay out some blankets. The weather is still crappy out there, and since the ski trip is turning into a bust, it's a good thing we have something else to do."

* * * * *

Eventually Monty herded everyone into the living room, now warm from the fire.

They were all feeling a little tipsy from the champagne. Monty had poured an extra round for himself, so even with his body weight he was feeling a little buzz.

"OK... here we go. I guess the best way to start is for everybody to strip."

There were a few seconds of stunned silence, and then everyone reacted.

"What? Just like that?"

"How romantic!"

"QUIET!" Monty said. "You all agreed to this. If you want to quit now go ahead. But if you want to work this out, then strip!"

Tyrone was the first to respond, and he began taking off his clothes and piling them on the floor. Soon Sierra and Kristina began to strip, and finally Monty took off his own clothes.

Tyrone had to admire the two women, and despite the circumstances he found himself quickly becoming aroused. His wife Kristina was a small woman, with natural black hair, and light skin. She had a tiny waist, and firm B cup breasts, tipped with perky hard nipples.

Sierra was a bigger woman, about as tall as Tyrone. She was tan and sensuous looking, with soft curves and big full breasts, and long, wavy hair.

Tyrone glanced briefly at Monty. He was a big, muscular man, and it was impossible to avoid noticing the size of his penis, which even when relaxed seem enormous.

"Well, here goes," Monty said. With a smile, he took Kristina by the hand and led her to the loveseat. They sat side by side and Kristina snuggled against him as he put his arm around her and drew her close to kiss. Their lips touched lightly for a few seconds, and then their mouths opened and their tongues met. Kristina squirmed, against Monty, amazed at how turned on she was.

Tyrone watched numbly as the big man held his wife. Her pleasure was obvious; her nipples were stiff, and she moaned and sighed as they kissed.

"Come on lover... we get to play too, you know," Sierra said, as she put her arms around Tyrone, and pulling him to her, and began to kiss him.

Tyrone wasn't sure where this was going, but Sierra's body felt incredible against his. He felt her soft round tits against his chest, her arms around him, her tongue slipping into his mouth. As they kissed he felt his dick getting hard. Sierra reached down to position him, then pulled his body tight to hers, his hard-on squeezed between them. He began moving his hips. He grew harder and harder as he rubbed it against Sierra, and soon it was as hard as it can get.

After a while Sierra broke their kiss and stepped back. They looked over at Kristina and Monty.

Kristina had slid down into a reclining position, her head resting on Monty's chest. One small hand was wrapped around his dick, stroking gently, Her mouth was stretched around the head, her tongue swirling around the tip, tasting all of him. She made slurping sounds as she bobbed her head, her saliva running down his thick pole.

Monty had reached his long arm behind and under Kristina. He had one finger inside her pussy while the others pressed over her clit. Monty was moving his fingers with a slow circular motion, and Tyrone could see that they were already glistening with the juices from Kristina's wet pussy.

Monty reach down with his other hand to pinch and pull her stiff nipples, sending shivers down her body.

Sierra pulled Tyrone back to her and kissed him again, her mouth wet against his. Then she guided his head downward, offering him her stiff brown nipples, which he greedily sucked. He cupped his hand over her pussy, feeling her soft bush, inserting his fingers into her wetness. Sierra settled down on the floor and let Tyrone pleasure her, sliding his fingers in and out of her, flicking his tongue over her nipples, then sucking and nipping them, pulling them with his lips and teeth.

Tyrone slid out his fingers and sucked on them, savoring her taste. Sierra glanced briefly at the pair on the loveseat, then turned her attention back to Tyrone. Rolling him over, she positioned her hot pussy over his mouth, and took his dick into her own. She ground her wet pussy against Tyrone's face, and he began to lick and suck on her swollen lips. Meanwhile, she took his pole deep into her mouth. Sierra was used to struggling to take as much of Monty's dick as possible; with Tyrone, she was able to take his whole dick into her throat.

Tyrone was in heaven... Sierra's wonderful, sexy body was pressed against his, her tits mashed against him as she deep-throated his throbbing dick. She was bucking against his face as he ate her hot pussy. He could hear Kristina and Monty gasping and moaning, and it increased his own excitement.

Sierra let out a deep moan, vibrating the length of Tyrone's dick. She began to thrash wildly, convulsing as a huge orgasm took her. Tyrone's face was drenched with her juices, as he tried to suck up as much as he could.

As her orgasm subsided, she began to bob her head furiously up and down, milking Tyrone's dick. "I'm so close to cumming," he said, his face still buried between Sierra's legs.

Tyrone was used to warning Kristina of his pending orgasm. Kristina would usually take her mouth from him, and finish with her hands. Sierra, on the other hand, increased her speed, sucking him harder and faster. She cupped his balls in her hand and squeezed them gently as she sucked him. Unable to hold back, Tyrone felt his balls tighten, his pole start to throb, and then he unleashed spurt after spurt of his cum into Sierra's hot wet mouth.

Sierra gently sucked Tyrone clean, and they separated, their breathing slowly returning to normal.

"You are so fucking hot, Tyrone!" Sierra said with a lascivious smile. "I'm going to want more of that."

They turned to watch Monty and Kristina, who were once again kissing passionately. Kristina's hand was striking rapidly up and down Monty's dick, as his fingers made wet squishing sounds on her pussy.

Her body began thrashing as his fingers brought her closer and closer to orgasm.

"Oh yeah, make me cum you mothafucka!" she gasped out, just before flooding his fingers with her orgasmic juices.

Barely stopping to catch her breath she began jerking his dick fiercely, twisting her hand with each stroke to spread her saliva over his entire pole. Monty leaned back and groaned, and moments later a great stream of cum shot from his dick, splattering Kristina's tits, followed instantly by another spurt.

Kristina swung her leg over Monty, straddling him, and sank down until the thick head of his dick was nestled at her wet hole. His cum sprayed over her flat tummy and her pussy as she mounted him, leaving much of her body glazed with his sticky fluid.

She rocked her hips, taking more of him into her dripping pussy, settling down on his pole before it could soften, and catching the last spurts of his orgasm deep inside her. She leaned forward and pressed her body against his as she started to move, riding him before he could lose his erection. Despite having just cum, Monty was fully hard again almost immediately.

Kristina moaned in pleasure at the feeling of Monty stretching her pussy and filling her as she rode him.

Tyrone watched his wife, who was covered in Monty's cum and bouncing up and down on his dick with complete sexual abandon. He felt Sierra's body press against his, her fingers wrapping around his dick.

"Think you're ready for another round, lover?"

He felt Sierra's warm lips wrap around his dick and looked down to see her slowly bobbing her head, slurping up and down his pole as her tongue massage the head of his dick.

After a moment Tyrone reluctantly pulled Sierra off his dick and positioned her on her hands and knees, facing the loveseat. He knelt behind her and positioned the head of his dock at her pussy. With one thrust, he drove his full length into her, his balls slapping against her. He leaned forward and reached around her, taking her swaying tits in his hands. He held tightly onto her tits, pulling and twisting her nipples, as he began to fuck her.

Positioned as they were, both Tyrone and Sierra had an incredible view of Kristina riding Monty's dick. They could see her cream running down his penis and drenching his balls as her pussy lips sucked up and down his dick. The smell of sex filled the room, and both women were moaning.

Kristina sensed Monty looking over her shoulder, watching his wife writhing and moaning as Tyrone fucked her. Kristina slid off Monty and turned around. He helped her settle back onto him, this time facing Sierra and Tyrone, and gradually worked his dick back into her. Kristina leaned forward, resting her hands on her knees, as Monty gripped her hips and began to slam her small body up and down on his throbbing dick.

The girls faces were just inches from one another. Sierra could literally feel the heat of Kristina's labored breathing on her face.

Kristina seemed totally out of control, her body trembling and shaking. She snarled and moaned, spitting out words, "fuck... pussy fucking full... oh fuck... cum... fucking cum..."

Sierra had never dreamed how turned on she would be by the site on her best friend being ravaged by her husband. Her pussy was drenched, and each time Tyrone thrust into her it was like an electric charge taking her to a higher level of excitement. She could feel her juices literally running down her thighs.

"Oh my god Tyrone I'm gonna cum!"

Tyrone sped up, his dick moving continuous in and out, exciting every nerve ending in her swollen pussy. Sierra was suspended at the peak of arousal, knowing she was seconds away from an incredible orgasm. Tyrone pinched hard on her nipples, and Sierra screamed as she came, wave after wave of pleasure filling her body. She was dimly aware of Tyrone's hot semen flooding her pussy, his dick still moving in her, her orgasm going on and on.

Monty could not believe how beautiful Sierra looked as she orgasmed. It really didn't matter that another man was fucking her; the site of her cumming was the hottest thing he had ever seen. Unable to hold back, he pulled Kristina down onto his dick and held her there as he came, his big balls emptying into her tight pussy. He reached his hand around her and rubbed her clit as he held her impaled on his pole.

Kristina's senses were on overload, She watched her husband fucking her best friend, making her cum, cumming in her pussy. She felt Monty's dick erupting in her, flooding her insides with his cum. His fingers, still wet with her juices, rubbed over her clit, and suddenly she was cumming, her scream mingling with Sierra's.

The room grew quiet, except for the heaving breathing of the two couples.

Monty helped Kristina ease of his dick, which was still partially erect. She slid to the floor, just as Sierra slumped forward. The two women hugged, their bodies sticky and slick with sweat. For a moment they just enjoyed the pleasure of one another's touch before turning back to the men.

Monty joined everyone else on the floor, and leaned over to softly kiss Kristina.

Tyrone and Sierra laid down side by side, caressing one another and lightly kissing.

"Well, I think that worked out rather nicely," Monty quipped. There were murmurs of exhausted agreement from the others.

After a while Sierra stood, her legs a little shaky, and held out a hand to help Kristina to her feet. She led the smaller woman to Tyrone, and placed her hand in his.

"Tyrone, you are a hot, sexy, lover, and I can't believe how hard you made me cum. And Kristina, from what I saw just now, you are a woman who any man would love to fuck. Now, the two of you need to give each other the same attention and intensity you gave Monty and me."

Tyrone smiled at Sierra. "Thank you. You really are incredible." He began to lead Kristina to the stairs up to their bedroom.

"No you don't." Sierra stopped him. "Sorry, but like Monty said, this is all going to be open and shared. Nobody is leaving yet."

With that she drew her husband Monty to his feet. Monty kissed her passionately, putting all his intense feelings into the kiss. He lowered her to the floor, his dick once again growing stiff with excitement. She spread her legs wide for him, and he mounted her. She gasped as he drove his dick into her, filling her completely, almost painfully. He began to fuck her. Despite having just cum twice with Kristina, he was overcome by an urgent need to make love to his wife.

Tyrone felt Kristina's fingers softly stroking his dick. He turned and kissed her, and then slid to the floor together. Kristina squeezed his dick, pulling it and guiding it into her wetness. As he slid into her, she announced loudly, "God I want to cum with your dick in me!"

The room was soon filled with gasps and moans. Tyrone and Monty thrust into their wives, matching stroke for stroke. The women, sensing how much it was turning the men on, loudly begged for them to keep fucking. Kristina felt Sierra's hand reaching for hers and took it. They held hands, savoring a sense of connection and sharing as their husbands rode them.

The room was still charged with sexual energy, filled with the sounds and smells of sex, but it was also filled with a sense of mutual caring and the two couples shared and intimate connection.

It wasn't long before the two men were moving faster, the women lifting their hips to meet their thrusts. Everyone seemed to feed off the excitement of the others as they raced together toward orgasm.

Kristina and Sierra cried out, almost in unison, as they came, and moments later Tyrone and Monty added their own voices, as they filled their wives with their cum.

* * * * *

Completely spent, the four friends collapsed together on the floor.

After a while Tyrone said, "God I hope it's clear enough to ski tomorrow. My body can't take much more of this!"

"Hmmm," replied Monty, "maybe you should ask Sierra for a massage to loosen up those sore muscles."

Kristina reached over and punched his arm.

"Hey, be nice you guys," said Sierra. "I think we've finally figured out how to make this work!"
After the ski trip and countless fun nights, the couples find themselves in the most uproar when Kristina gets pregnant by Tyrone..... or is she.


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