Monday, March 4, 2013

The Widow Ch.3

My third date with Donald had been quite exciting,
as we both had performed oral sex on the other.
That was the first sex I had with another person
since my husband had passed away more than
two years before, but I was ready for more.
Donald knew I was ready for more. Well, I had told
him. Before we had oral sex I had surprised
myself by telling him that I wanted him inside
me, but without a condom I wouldn't do it. I was
afraid of disease. Pregnancy didn't bother me. I
had learned long ago that I was unable to have
children. But disease is always a possibility.
So it was that on our next date, I knew Donald
would come prepared. We had a very nice
evening, flirting a lot as people can when they
have been so intimate and have been friends for
years. We arrived back at my house feeling pretty
relaxed even though we both knew we would
soon be having sex. I was more anxious
than nervous, as it had been such a long time for
I fixed us drinks while he turned on some music,
and we took seats on the couch. I snuggled into
his arms and soon we were kissing passionately.
His hands lovingly caressed my head, hair, ears,
chin, and neck. It felt lovely and sensuous, but I
was ready for more. Finally his hand roamed
down to cover my breast, and I let out a soft gasp
in appreciation. From then on our excitement
rose, We hugged harder, our tongues plunged
deeper into each other's mouths, and Donald
quickly started removing my clothes.
He opened my blouse enough to expose my bra,
which he pushed out of the way. He leaned over
and took my nipple into his mouth, sucking it
deep while running his tongue around it. He kept
licking it while his finger tip explored the nipple
and the aureole.
"Damn, Sue, you have the puffiest nipples!"
Donald gasped.
He actually meant my aureoles, which were
indeed very puffy. I used to be embarrassed by
how far they stuck out, but since my husband
seemed to like them I accepted them as a good
thing. I wasn't sure how Donald felt.
"Don't you like them?" I asked.
"Hell, yes!" he answered enthusiastically. "They
are so damn sexy. I love them!" He kept
examining them with his fingers and his mouth,
playing with them as if he had found a new toy.
As puffy as my aureoles were, my nipples were
about average. But they were extremely sensitive.
I could get wet almost instantly just by having
them touched, and I had cum more than once
just from having them played with. I was being
driven wild right now by his explorations. As soon
as his attentions waned a little, I suggested we go
to my bedroom. He didn't object.
I led the way, holding his hand. His pants bulged
out, and I thought how badly I wanted to release
his pressure. When we got into the room I threw
the bedspread off and turned into his embrace.
He held me tight and kissed me, but my hands
went for his pants. I unfastened them and let
them drop, and took his erection into my hands. I
stroked it slowly, squeezing it tight. He in turn
unfastened my skirt and peeled my blouse off. I
had to release his hard pole with one hand as my
clothes came off.
Soon I had only my panties on. Donald leaned over
as he pulled them down my legs. He kissed my
stomach, just above my bush, and slowly kissed
upwards, exciting my skin even more until he
reached my breasts. He returned to worshiping
my breasts and, in particular, my puffy aureoles.
My nipples tingled again and I felt it straight
down into my pussy. He hugged me tight and
kissed me deep, practically lifting me off the floor
as we moved onto the bed. As I scooted toward
the center, he ripped off the remainder of his
clothes in record time and climbed on. He
climbed on the bed as well as me.
"Damn," he said, reaching back for his pants. He
quickly pulled out a condom, unwrapped it, and
put it on his pole. I would have liked to do that,
but speed was important at the moment.
I felt his hard penis push against my mound as he
mounted me again. It sent shivers through me,
feeling as if it was pushing fluids out of my pussy
I was so wet. He again attacked my breasts with
his hands and mouth. My nipples were also
sending shocks through my body, and I was way
past ready to be taken. I reached a hand between
us and took hold of his dick. I pulled it down,
Donald lifting himself up to give me a little room. I
got the head of his dick between my legs. It felt
wonderful pushing into my pussy lips. It was
sopping wet and I was close to frantic. I wanted
his dick in me, but had no chance at this angle.
"Please, now," I pleaded. "Take me now."
He moaned something and shifted his body
again. My hand still grasped his erection firmly,
and I guided it to my hole. I felt it hit home and
pushed my hips toward it, causing it to enter me
just an inch or two. I think we both gasped as we
felt the insertion, then began groaning as he
pushed it slowly into my pussy.
I wanted him to go slow, as it was my first time in
over two years, but it felt good. He pushed most
of his dick in before he pulled back a little, then
pushed in again further. As my lips parted to
accept him I had a fleeting thought of my dildo,
and how it had kept me loose. I didn't think of
that for long, however, as Donald started pushing
in harder, faster, now all the way in to the hilt.
Further than a penis had ever been, since he was
bigger than my husband had been. But not
bigger than my dildo.
I had been so excited and over-ready for this that
I came quickly. I shuddered all over, my pussy
contracting made him slow his thrusts. A smile
came over his face as he thought of what a good
lover he was, making me cum so quickly. The
truth is I usually orgasmed quickly. I also often
had multiple orgasms, and I thought to myself
how I wouldn't tell Donald either of those things.
It's good to let a man feel powerful.
But he was powerful. His dick plunged hard into
me as my first orgasm ended. I drove my hips
upward to help his thrusts. My feet dug into the
bed as my knees were bent, helping me to drive
into him. I could feel what must be the rim of his
head pushing against my sensitive lining.
Neither my dildo nor my husband gave me that
Donald was staring at my breasts as he thrust into
me. I wasn't sure if he was still looking at my
puffy aureoles or if he was watching my firm
breasts wiggle like Jell-o on my chest. It didn't
matter, he was pleased. But as I watched his face
it changed from pleasant concentration to a more
painful looking one. I also felt him thrusting
harder and his penis swelling. I knew he was
almost there.
I reached down between us to rub my clit. I was
close to another orgasm, but I wanted to cum
when he did. I wrapped my legs around him,
crossing my feet and pulling him into me as deep
as he could go. It was only a few more thrusts
until he groaned loudly and emptied his load.
"Oh, Sue, oh, God," he said as his spurts
continued. My clit sent shock waves through my
pussy and the rest of my body as I came
again. My pussy spasms probably caused him a
few extra spurts, and our bodies began relaxing,
tensing up a few more times in our last throes of
When we were done he tried to pull out, but my
legs were still locked around him. I loved the feel
of him inside me and didn't want it to end. Soon,
however, I felt his erection shrinking and knew he
had to pull out before the condom slipped off, so I
let him go. He rolled off me, removed his condom,
and held me as I rolled over to snuggle up against
As I predicted, he was happy with himself, both
for cumming and for making me cum twice. "Oooooh
Suzie-Q, that was great," he said. "You seemed to
like it, too, didn't you? Twice, I believe."
"Oh, yes Donald, I did. You were wonderful." And
he was. Perhaps not quite as good as he thought
he was, but a man's ego is a fragile thing. Why
not boost it a bit? It might help him next time.
And I was certain that there was going to be a
next time.

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